Taking the Elevator Saves Time | A Widely Held Misconception

Taking the Elevator Saves Time | A Widely Held Misconception

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Convenience has certainly made its impression on the world we live in today. It seems that at the thought of saving time or even skipping a thinking process, people are more than willing to choose the convenience factor over anything else. This is especially true with the invent of elevators and escalators, so that people no longer need to walk up and down stairs. But a new study shows that people are giving up the extra movement while taking extra time doing so.

Elevators Save Time | A Widely Held Misconception

In one study carried on by researches at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, doctors were told to take the stairs instead of the elevator in order to see if people actually save time by taking the stairs. The time it took to arrive to point B from point A was measured 14 different times via both stairs and the elevator. What the researchers found was that using the stairs actually saves time , putting the time-saving excuse of using the elevator to rest.

The researchers found that on average, it took 13 seconds to climb one floor when using the stairs, while using the elevator took about 37 seconds. The total amount of time saved using stairs was 10-15 minutes with travel via stairs totaling at about 10 minutes on average. Of course while these results exemplify a widely held misconception that elevators save time, the same test duplicated in a building with 50 floors would obviously yield different results.

The time saved using stairs can certainly make a difference in your day, especially if you feel like there is no time for breaks. But many people bypass the time factor and simply take the elevator or escalator  because it is easier and requires less movement. Changing the habit of using elevators to using stairs won’t make a dramatic difference when it comes to physical accomplishment to many people, but making that change will certainly put you on the right path to a new and improved mindset.

Instead of taking the elevator or escalator, take the stairs. Similarly, park far away and walk to where you’re going instead of looking for a close spot for 5 minutes. These kinds of alterations will  not only keep your mind and body working, but they will also keep energy flowing. With a conscious realization to the small changes you make in your life comes a sense mindful accomplishment. A sedentary lifestyle is all too common today, and a simple change in thinking is the cure.