Sunlight and Vitamin D Shown to Reduce Chickenpox Risk

Sunlight and Vitamin D Shown to Reduce Chickenpox Risk
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Although the chickenpox is usually a mild disease with little complications in healthy individuals, you probably want to rid your child of this spotty intrusion. What you may not know is that letting your child outside when the sun is out and strong may be the best remedy and preventative measure to take to avoid coming down with the chickenpox. This is mainly due exposure to ultraviolet light and the vitamin D that is absorbed from it.

Researchers from the University of London analyzed data from 25 different studies focusing on the variecella-zoster virus, which is the cause of chickenpox. What they found was that areas of the world with more sunlight year round always had lower rates of people with chickenpox. Similarly, chickenpox is more prevalent in areas that experience cold-weather months when sunlight is not nearly as available. The researchers note in the Virology Journal:

“Chickenpox is seasonal in temperate zones, with the highest incidence seen in winter and spring.  One explanation for this seasonality could be the significantly higher levels in ultra-violet radiation (UVR) of approximately 10-25-fold seen in summer in temperate zones, which could inactivate virus either in vesicular lesions or after their rupture.”

One reason the researchers think chickenpox is less prevalent where there is more sun is because ultraviolet rays harness the power to disinfect. An example of this is when people place their laundry outside to dry in order to make it clean and fresh. Well, this idea also applies to ultraviolet light on skin, where the rays deactivate viruses by breaking down their cell walls.

Vitamin D has actually been shown to have many tremendous benefits, and they include turbo-boosting your immune system. One study found that even low doses of vitamin D can slash your risk of contracting the flu by nearly half. Even more surprising, vitamin D trumps fluoride in protecting the teeth from cavities.

The best part of it all is that you can utilize a completely free resource to boost your immune system and protect yourself from disease. There is no need to participate in questionable vaccinations when there is a far safer solution available right outside your door.