A Special 2015 Natural Health Message

A Special 2015 Natural Health Message
Good News

Going forward into 2015, it’s easy to see that we are entering a time unlike any other in history. We are entering a period of 365 days that each have the unprecedented potential to spark a societal revolution — whether it’s in the realm of forced GMO activism through public outrage, anti-nuclear legislation through another plant disaster, or something even greater.

Never before, to such a degree, has an entire population been so ‘awake’ over the real issues that it faces on a daily basis. And never before, I believe, have we faced such esoteric issues as genetically modified crops, radioactive plumes arriving from as far away as Japan’s Fukushima, and the invisible threat of so many chemical additives in our food.

But even amid all of these very serious circumstances, we also stand at the peak of a revolutionary tipping point in humanity. One which may spark one of the largest societal and global changes in history.

What exactly am I talking about? I’m talking about the amazing way in which millions of people worldwide are starting to question what they’re putting into their bodies, and what they’re feeding their families. From this, they look at the horrendous mega corporations that are literally creating ‘lakes of feces’ and force-injecting our ‘food’ with high dose antibiotics and growth hormones.

They’re looking at the medical system, that on average is charging thousands of dollars for things like salt water in IV bags. They’re looking at the amazing technology we possess to improve the medical system so drastically yet how we allow over 700,000 individuals each year to die in part due to Big Pharma’s ‘profits before health’ mantra of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

And most of all, they’re looking into how to change it all — at a personal, societal, global, intellectual, political, and philosophical level. Enter 2015.

The pot has been boiling throughout 2014, and the proverbial frog is about to hop out before it is cooked alive. From millions protesting social justice issues, to millions joining the March Against Monsanto and signing off on initiatives to block Monsanto-backing legislation like the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Let’s make 2015 the year of intellectual revolution, GMO labeling, and victory over our food supply overlords. Spread the word about natural health and Natural Society, and let’s enter 2015 with passion.