Simon Cowell Donates $33,000 for Child’s Cancer Treatment

Simon Cowell Donates $33,000 for Child’s Cancer Treatment
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Simon Cowell may be known as the grumpy judge on the hit TV program American Idol, but he certainly isn’t as rough as portrayed. The music producer known for catapulting singers to stardom in his native UK and the United States has helped make a family’s dream come true by donating £25,000 ($33,100 USD) to little Kian Musgrove to help him receive specialist cancer treatment in the United States.

Cowell surprised Kian’s mother by calling her up himself, offering to pay £25,000 toward the £500,000 needed for Kian’s specialist relapse treatment at Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York City. Although the family has raised almost the entire amount needed for Kian’s treatment, they were still left with a hefty bill for transatlantic flights for the family and a hotel in expensive Manhattan for several weeks. To help alleviate the stress, in addition to the £25,000, Cowell booked the family’s flights and hotel in the Big Apple so they only have to worry about Kian during their time away.

Kian was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of childhood cancer, in 2013. During this time, he developed 27 separate tumors. His little body underwent eight months of radiotherapy and chemotherapy after his cancer has spread throughout his body and then, his family got the incredible news that the cancer was gone.

But this December, they received news that his cancer had returned. The family will be travelling to New York City where Kian will receive specialist treatment to ensure that the cancer is both eradicated and doesn’t make its third appearance into his life.

Kat Musgrove, Kian’s mom, told of getting the call from Simon Cowell:

“It was a really amazing boost. When he called me, I just thought “wow, is this really true?” Everyone’s support has really helped me feel more positive about it. I think I would struggle a lot more going through what I’m going through if it weren’t for the support, the kindness and the donations from the public.”

Although most of the funds have been raised, she is still raising more money in case he needs to undergo extra treatment in New York. You can donate here.