Should You Follow Through with Vaccination?

Should You Follow Through with Vaccination?
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With a possible epidemic on the horizon, and the reality of pressures to get immunized, it is important to be reminded of the dangers revolving around many vaccinations such as the HPV shot Gardasil. Accounts of adverse reactions, injury, and even death have been reported for years with vaccinations like Gardasil and others being the suspect cause.

Despite the vaccine inserts admitting adverse reactions and even death from this medical practice, there is an ongoing media campaign to assure you that vaccines are actually not dangerous. Surely the experts can assure us that vaccination is not only safe, but also a civil duty. Media outlets continue to assure citizens that vaccination is sensible, and would never intentionally cause harm to its users. Meanwhile, the vaccine companies admit that their products can produce numerous adverse reactions, impairment, and death.

Once examined, you may find that vaccines are unnatural concoctions – an incompatible brew of things outlandish as aborted fetal tissue. Many of them contain dangerous mercury derived thimerasol, and in some extreme cases, even cancer causing viruses. This injection of foreign material into the bloodstream almost always produces an immune response that actually weakens the immune system as opposed to increasing its ability to fight disease.

The IOM states that “Few health problems are caused by vaccines.” This is a dismissive response due to the fact that there are simply so many undetermined effects from vaccination that there is no way to measure the magnitude of them all.

Many vaccines are dangerous, and the full extent of their effects has not been conclusively determined. Despite this, a false image of reliability pervades over vaccine medicine. Parents are pressured to get the vaccines for their children, but at the very least they should know what could possibly happen to their children should they be immunized.

On top of all of this, the effectiveness of flu vaccination is questionable itself. In addition, flu vaccine effectiveness pales in comparison to natural attempts to strengthen the immune system through proper nutrition and exercise.

If this form of medicine was safe and effective, there wouldn’t be a need to ceaselessly promote it, and attack its critics viciously. Rather than accepting the general opinion, make sure to form your own on the true nature of vaccines and their effects on your own personal health. There is a lot of information on vaccines on Natural Society as well as other natural health websites.

If you do decide not to vaccinate, you should feel confident in that decision. Don’t worry if you or your child has already been vaccinated, simply follow all the measure you possibly can in reversing the effects. Supplementing with vitamin D, vitamin C, and vitamin E can help to block the immune response. You will also want to perform a heavy metal cleanse, as vaccines contain a plethora of heavy metals. Just know that you can fight this.