Remember this Name: Rep. Mike Pompeo to Introduce Bill to Kill GMO Labeling

gmo labeling

gmo labelingMike Pompeo – Monsanto’s lackey – is the new mouthpiece bought and sold by the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association (GMA). Pompeo (R-Kan) will be presenting the bill to kill GMO labeling. Voters – you know what to do. Get this guy out of office. While you have to wait to get him out of office, you can sign a petition immediately to tell him that consumers have a right to know what is in their food.

You can also send a message to Representative Pompeo on his Facebook page, or flood his office with calls (202-225-6216) to let him know you are one of the 90 percent of consumers that want mandatory labeling of all GMO products.

The GMA wants voluntary labeling, but that is like asking members of Congress to stop taking bribes – voluntarily. Yeah right. They have tried killing even state’s rights to decide what is in their food, and their right to label genetically modified organisms.

“This legislation would create a uniform, national program governing the premarket review and labeling of genetically engineered foods. First, it would require the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to conduct a safety review of all new plant varieties used for genetically engineered food before those foods are introduced into commerce.

Second, the legislation would create a new legal framework, subject to FDA oversight, governing the use of label claims regarding either the absence of, or use of, genetically engineered food or food ingredients. The legislation would also require FDA to develop Federal definition for “natural” claims on product labels. Given this new legal framework, states would be precluded from imposing any requirements that are not identical to these Federal requirements.”

The GMA will stop at nothing to keep genetically modified foods from being labeled, because they know this will halt the monopolies on seed that Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, and other companies are currently trying to wield over entire nations, not just our own.

As SustainablePulse puts it:

“The federal bill that the GMA and partners are now officially pushing for will only allow GMO labeling if the FDA determines there is a health, safety or nutrition issue with an ingredient derived from a GMO.”

And we trust the FDA and GMA to determine if a food is safe? SB 1275, for the voluntary labeling of non-GMO food, just won’t do.

That is our right – to know what is in our food, and to determine for ourselves whether we want to consume it or not – not the government’s and certainly not a handful of corporations.
The GMA equals GMO. Tell Pompeo no.