Pharmaceutical Drug Adipotide May Reduce Body Fat by 39 Percent in One Month

Pharmaceutical Drug Adipotide May Reduce Body Fat by 39 Percent in One Month
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People have been seeking quick and simple fixes for various life issues since the beginning of human history. These issues include tight finances, relationship complications, and most definitely one of the top contributing causes of virtually all health problems – obesity. Instead of adopting the sound solution of eating healthful foods and exercising, it seems the quest for the magic bullet continues. Recent tests show that those longing for a magic solution without adequate lifestyle changes may soon get their wish – a shot that has been shown to reduce body fat by 39 percent in 4 weeks. A drug known as Adipotide has recently been put to the test. But will the shot come with a health toll?

Adipotide Shown to Reduce Body Fat by 39 Percent in One Month

Using monkeys as the test subjects, researchers found that with a daily dose injection of Adipotide came substantial fat loss at a rapid pace. After allowing the monkeys to gain weight and then be injected with the drug daily, researchers noticed that the drug had the ability to ignite fat loss as such such a pace where body fat was reduced by 39 percent and stomach fat 27 percent in just four weeks.

Adipotide is supposed to work by cutting off the blood supply to fat cells while also releasing a synthetic peptide meant to trigger cell death. As blood vessels supporting the fat cells wither away, the fat cells starve and end up being metabolized.

Pharmaceutical Drugs are Not the Solution

As long as there have been drugs to “solve” the many problems we face today, there has been a list of side-effects which always accompany them. In fact, drug labels have 70 side-effects on average, while many medications reach the 100 or even 500 mark. Prescription drug use is expanding so rapidly that traffic deaths are now lower than deaths caused by pharmaceutical drugs.

Of course further tests and research must be conducted before the drug is released on the market as a weight loss solution. While many obese individuals may be think this is the magic bullet, it is safe to say that Adipotide will not be the quick fix everyone has been waiting for. Long-term observation concerning Adipotide and weight loss is required for the medical establishment to even think about pushing it on overweight individuals. Even then, the injection could be riddled with adverse health reactions, similar to antipsychotics which have been shown to be extremely dangerous.

While the daily injection may result in quick fat loss initially, no claim can even be made regarding the long term results. If we have learned anything from the medical establishment, it is that in order for the true side effects of many pharmaceuticals to be recognized, they must be studied for decades.

The real, sound solution to obesity and excess weight is simple – diet, exercise, a shift in thinking, and weight loss goals. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is absolutely critical for happiness and healthiness, and creating an achievable goal for yourself is essential for that mental shift. Ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup placed in much of our food today have been shown to be addictive and contribute heavily to obesity. Omitting these ingredients from the diet will infinitely help you reach your overall wellness goals.

It is also important to note that during the past 27 years there have been no deaths triggered by vitamins, while at least 3 million have died from prescription drugs. Drinking tea or upping vitamin D intake may has also been identified as a natural solution to weight loss.

Adipotide may eventually be sold as a weight loss “solution” either as injection or pill form. Would you choose the drug, or nutrition?