Toxic Vaccines Supported by Organization Pushing for Stricter Chemical Laws

Toxic Vaccines Supported by Organization Pushing for Stricter Chemical Laws

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During April earlier this year there was a policy paper condemning the Toxic Substances Control Act issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The paper expressed the AAP’s concern that the TSC Act was not properly regulating the massive amount of toxic chemicals that are currently used in consumer products. But not only is the act getting burned for not doing their job properly concerning consumer products, they are also ignoring the toxic chemicals in vaccinations which are administered every year.

The Toxic Substances Control Act has been under heat for a long time for its lack of success regarding testing and keeping tabs on the thousands of chemicals used every year. One of the main concerns vocalized by the American Academy of Pediatrics is the harm these chemicals could have on children. Since children are small, fragile, and in a critical stage of development, the effects from the chemicals are heightened greatly. In addition, children are not simply young adults, as stated by Dr. Jerone Paulson, an AAP member of its council on Environmental Health.

“Children are not little adults,” Paulson, of Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., told Reuters Health. “Their bodies are different and their behaviors are different. That means that their exposures to chemicals in the environment are different, and the way their bodies (break down) those chemicals are different.”

This fear or concern for children’s health is especially important when it comes to vaccines. Children are given 26 vaccinations at birth and then some more at 2 months, 4 months, and many other ages. These vaccinations contain toxins – mercury, lead, aluminum, formaldehyde – and young children simply can not handle it. The heavy load of toxicity is leading to sudden infant death syndrome, fainting, vomiting, pain and a virtual endless list of negative side effects that could even end with death. But where is the APA when it comes to these toxic chemicals?

The American Academy of Pediatrics not only recommends children be vaccinated, they even hold an annual “National Infant Immunization Week”. Wait just a minute. Pushing for stricter chemical laws while at the same time pushing for chemicals to be injected into children? In some respect the AAP is right in speaking out for better regulation of chemicals which are very dangerous. But being in favor of injecting children with numerous toxins in their critical stages of development may not be the best stance to take.

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