New Protein Protecting Against HIV Paves Way for Future Research

New Protein Protecting Against HIV Paves Way for Future Research
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A large amount of funding has gone into preventing HIV/AIDS through educational programs over the past few years. Despite this funding, the amount of infections has been floating around 50,000 per year in the United States for the last decade. New research, however, offers a potential solution for reducing HIV/AIDS cases.

New Protein Shown to Protect Against HIV Infection

A new protein has been discovered that starves HIV cells, rendering them useless. The protein, called SAMHD1, could pave the way for new therapeutic research on slowing or blocking HIV’s progression to AIDS.

Research co-leader Nathaniel R. Landau and his team of researchers found that dendritic cells which contain the protein SAMHD1 are resistant to HIV infection. The researchers believe that when HIV, or any virus for that matter, infects a cell, the virus takes over the cell’s DNA building blocks known as dNTP’s (deoxynucleotide triphosphates) to replicate. But with dentritic cells containing SAMHD1, the protein destroys the pool of dNTPs. This results in the virus having no building blocks to make its genetic data.

With further research and the eventual full understanding of how SAMHD1 protects cells will come a development in HIV protection. Increasing SAMHD1 content in cells or making sure it is present in all cells could be the focus of future research.

While the research shows promise to remedying and preventing HIV in the future, it is important to recognize the powerful benefits of a healthy immune-boosting lifestyle. Eating ‘living’ foods with high nutritional content and utilizing powerful substances like turmeric and probiotics can vastly boost your immune function. This is especially vital when working with a compromised immune system that is more prone to disease. Restoring not only your essential line of defense but optimizing your biological function is essentially to transforming your health.