NaturalSociety Holiday Message to Readers Before the New Year

NaturalSociety Holiday Message to Readers Before the New Year
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ns holidayIt has truly been an exciting and concerning year, and 2013 will surely embody such a description even more so. This time of the year, however, generally serves to be a relaxing time to take a metaphoric ‘power nap’ in between now and the New Year. It’s also a perfect time of the year to give thanks to our readers for continuing to check out our website, share important information with us on a daily basis, and even spread the word.

Without your activism in informing individuals around the world regarding some of the most pressing issues ever experienced in modern history, countless people would still be fueling Monsanto, consuming harmful ingredients, and buying into the latest propaganda. Thank you for doing what you do. Every share on Facebook, every new discussion ignited from a recent news story or event, every Tweet, every forum post, it all counts. It all makes a serious difference.

Taking a Power Nap Before the New Year

Many of you, myself included, may find it hard to ever take a break. My advice is to relax before this coming new year with family, friends, or even a few decent books. It’s going to be a powerful new year when it comes to both the emerging awareness of individuals across the globe as well as the challenges we will face.

Some of these challenges I plan on detailing in my next article regarding what may happen in 2013.

I plan on writing an article regarding my thoughts on the coming year and what we may see (or how current scenarios may develop), so I will not discuss that thoroughly right now, but what I will say is that this is the prime week for corporations and government agencies alike to shuttle through unwanted legislation, regulations, and announcements. Just yesterday the FDA released the news it would be pushing to release genetically modified salmon and ultimately contaminate the genetic integrity of the food chain.

Many of you may also be aware that the notorious NDAA passed the Senate last night (Friday Dec 22), the day before (or within, technically) Christmas weekend — a time when many are travelling, with family, or just enjoying time off and subsequently ignoring the news.

This is typical behavior that’s seen each year. From Monsanto announcements to the Patriot Act, the holidays are taken advantage of by government and corporations alike. In the new year, we will tackle all of these issues and bring them to the spotlight through activism and the spread of awareness as usual.

In the mean time myself and everyone at NaturalSociety encourage you to rest, de-stress, have fun, and cherish your time with family/friends before we all embark on the journey into 2013 together.