Health Ranger Launches Independent Science Journal to Bypass Medical Corruption

Health Ranger Launches Independent Science Journal to Bypass Medical Corruption
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Western medicine has revolutionized the way we handle illness and disease, there is no doubt about that. But as with any development in society, there is room for error, questionable operations, and what many consider blatant corruption. It’s time that we reveal and see, as a collective, what may be truly going on in the realm of scientific development.

In response to a fragile, flawed system, numerous independent journalists and activists are taking measures to shed light on a system that, while beneficial to society, needs to be cleansed of corporate and political corruption. One recent announcement was made by Mike Adams of Natural News, who revealed the launch of a new, independent, peer-reviewed science journal called the Natural Science Journal. The journal was created to be “a science journal that rejects all corporate money, government influence and all the blind, obedient ‘consensus’ science narratives that only end in stupidity.”

Today, there is a great deal that goes on within the medical system – so many factors, variables, and operations that the general public don’t know about. Pharmacies receive kick-backs for promoting generics; doctors get paid to prescribe certain drugs; schools receive kickbacks for having students medicated; and so much more.

When studies are performed, there needs to be funding. We would all hope that most the funding has no ties based on where it’s coming from. We’d hope that a company manufacturing a blood pressure medication wouldn’t directly or indirectly influence the outcome of said study by providing the monies for the research to be done. But this is the kind of corruption we’re dealing with.

A clear example of corruption that everyone can see involves numerous charities that funnel most donations into the pockets of those who run the charities, as well as their friends and family.  Some are so terrible that they collectively sparked the Federal Trade Commission and 58 law enforcement partners from every state to open an investigation – an investigation that sheds light on how these 4 charities conned the people of America out of $187 million.

More examples of arguable or clear corruption can be seen when the same individual works for a company, and also shares a seat on a related government organization. Or perhaps when bribes are paid by individuals and firms to procure a lease or license, rig a bidding process, or manipulate data or records?

The Bigger Picture

All of the above examples of corruption have a grand impact on society. Skewed study results and certain agendas hamper our ability to truly analyze scientific developments. For example, one controversial world development revolves around genetically engineering the world’s food, for a variety of reasons. While the scientific community deems these DNA-altered food creations ‘safe,’ there resides a huge information-battle in the sector, with some research arguably hidden or discredited. There are many that feel this way about vaccines, as well.

Bypassing the Issues

The Natural Science Journal aims to bypass all of these issues, looking at hard, scientific data to bring an unbiased result to the public eye. In essence, the journal would not involve itself in the following forms of corruption that plague our medical system:

  • Bribes and kickbacks
  • Intentional damage to public goods
  • Informal payments

The Natural Science Journal:

  • Explores issues from a truly independent, people-centric perspective
  • Wouldn’t accept outside advertising – this means that there is no outside money influencing editorial processes
  • Would have all publications peer-reviewed by other scientists prior to publication
  • Wouldn’t accept grands or money from any government institution.

With questionable data shaping our world and the way we live, it’s imperative that individuals recognize, accept, and work to ignite change so that we can build upon a clean foundation. Adams has taken a step rectify a broken system; so let’s all take a moment to explore this and other options that may be much-needed solutions.