March 25th is National Ag Day, but Big Ag Does more Harm than Good

ag day

ag dayWhen Ag Day is celebrated by giving the President of Syngenta Seeds, Inc. a full-page commentary, you know our food supply is in jeopardy. If Ag Day, an annual celebration on March 25, is supposed to herald the ‘abundance provided by agriculture,’ then the ‘producers, agricultural associations, corporations, universities, government agencies, and consumers across the nation better take heed.

If you aren’t aware, Syngenta, along with Dow Chemical and Monsanto, are actually left-over corporate giants from a war-time paradigm that will utterly destroy the ‘abundance provided by nature.’ They aren’t in the business of growing food, but selling chemicals; yet somehow they’ve been given center stage.

Every year this Swiss biotech company poisons tens of thousands of people with one of its creations: the herbicide paraquat. The company is even aware of the toxic damage this single product can inflict, and has written a 12-page guide on paraquat poisoning.

Other prominent companies featured on the National ‘Big’ Ag day website include Walmart, a company whose shelves are inundated with toxic ‘food,’ Aghub, of Carbon Media Group, an advertising firm for agribusiness companies, The Farm Bureau, a known constituent of Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, and CHS, who offers some non-GMO grain for farmers, but still pushes genetically modified soy, and corn, among other crops on its large network of farmers. The list of Big Ag interests in National Ag day continues.

David Morgan, Syngenta’s president, weighs in on the following concerns regarding our food:

  • Morgan believes crop efficiency should be increased by 20% – likely through genetic manipulation, but what of the recent studies which prove that organic farms are at least as fertile as GMO if not more? Crop yields won’t continue to rise with Big Ag business as usual. Organic farms produce both high yields and more jobs. They also don’t allow corporations to monopolize seed supplies with suicide seeds.
  • Morgan thinks we should be able to plant more using less water and less land. Funny, since GMO corn farmers are losing their land to biotech and swimming in debt, all while the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation encroaches on international farming territory with a GMO agenda. Aside from requiring more water, increased pesticide use is spoiling our water and land. Once its ruined, how will we replace these priceless ‘commodities’?
  • Morgan thinks we need to rescue farmland. Over 10 hectares of farmland are on the ‘brink of degradation,’ he says.  The small farm stands no chance – and Big Ag, through government subsidies and Wall Street maneuvering, is taking over our farmlands. We don’t need to rescue our farmland from nature, but from Big Ag.
  • Morgan believes we need to ‘enhance biodiversity on 5 million hectares of land’. This statement is absolutely ridiculous since biotech is killing biodiversity. In fact, organic farms support up to 43% more biodiversity than GM crops. Furthermore, the Bt toxins used in Monsanto’s RoundUp, as well as herbicides created by Syngenta, are responsible for killing bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Syngenta even went to an EU court over thiamethoxam, directly linked to bee-deaths. What business does this man, who represents Syngenta, have speaking about biodiversity?

National Ag day is nothing more than a self-congratulatory biotech and chemical company heyday. They’ve lost the whole point of what farming and food production is really all about – feeding the world sustainable, healthful food.

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