Michigan Pig Farmer Receives Veiled Threats

Mark Baker
Mark Baker
Mark Baker poses with his exotic swine on his farm near McBain, Michigan. (Source: Associated Press / John Flesher).

(NaturalSociety) Mark Baker of Baker’s Green Acres has been raising heritage hogs his whole adult life. His family has been raising them for generations. But the state of Michigan recently decided his pigs were wild, an invasive species, and must be destroyed. Baker’s battle against the Department of Natural Resources has been going on for a few years, but has reached a climax as officials seem to be circulating misinformation about him, potentially putting he and his family at risk.

According to an interview with NaturalNews, Baker was informed that state and federal officials have been barred from communicating with him because he is considered armed and dangerous, or a “gun-wielding lunatic” as put by one USDA agent. The only ones who are allowed to visit his property are armed DNR agents.

Baker is understandably scared. He says he’s never threatened physical retaliation despite the hell he has been put through in an effort to save his family farm. In an effort to get some assurance of safety, he’s written to local law enforcement, but no one is willing to talk with him.

“He stated vehemently that he and any other MDARD [Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development] employee[s] were expressly forbidden from visiting or in any way contacting Mark Baker or Baker’s Green Acres,” Baker wrote to the Missaukee County Sheriff’s Department, telling officials of his contact with a former associate who had information on the version circulating among state and federal agencies. “This was an order that ‘came down from the top.’ He also stated that only ‘armed DNR agents’ would visit our farm and that [I] was portrayed as a ‘gun-wielding lunatic.'”

Baker fears his farm will be raided by armed agents. He says tension in the area is already thick because he has vowed to fight the government’s effort to kill his pigs, but he’s worried it’s going to culminate in an unnecessary event.

“While there is no specific time frame, the fact that the only contact I would have from the state government would be at the business end of a loaded weapon held by someone who’s been led to believe I’m out to hurt him/her (that’s what ‘gun wielding lunatics’ do) is disconcerting,” he wrote to the local sheriff. “I have never expressed sentiments of bodily harm towards any government agent. The government, however, has a track record of painting a picture of a suspect and then acting on their suppositions with no regard for the facts. Often they disregard local law enforcement, who may have a true knowledge of a ‘suspect’ in their pursuit of their goal. This is disturbing and I take it very seriously.”

Baker is set to go to court on the matter of his pigs in March, when he is confident justice will prevail.