Loyal Dog Waits Outside Hospital for Owner for 6 Days

Loyal Dog Waits Outside Hospital for Owner for 6 Days
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A 2-year-old Akita Inu (dog breed) named Maya has become somewhat of a celebrity in Spain after refusing to leave the hospital where her owner is staying for over 6 days. While dogs generally are known to be loyal to their human companions, Akita Inus are recognized far more for their faithfulness than many other breeds. [1]

About a week ago, Maya’s 22-year-old owner, Sandra Iniesta, went to the hospital near Alicante, Spain with severe abdominal pain. Iniesta’s doctors made the decision to operate on the young woman, but Maya wasn’t about to leave her owner, who has been in the hospital for 6 days alone.

Iniesta’s father has tried to get Maya to get in the car and go back with him after visiting his daughter, but Maya refuses to give up on what she perceives as her duty.

Sandra Iniesta said that Maya’s behavior is far from abnormal. Every time she goes anywhere, Maya follows and waits for her owner at the door of the building. She told a local Spanish news outlet that she believes Maya is trying to show that she can be patient and wait for her, though she considers her Ankita Inu to be a “fully paid-up member of the family.” [2]

The young woman is expected to make a full recovery and will reunite with Maya soon enough. Until then, the Akita Inu is only following in a long line of many others of his breed to wait dutifully for their owners and companions.

In 2009, a film entitled Hachi and starring Richard Gere was made based on the companionship of these incredible dogs. It regaled the audience with the story of the dog who waited at a Japanese commuter station every day for 10 years after his owner’s death, hoping against hope that one day he would return and the two would be reunited.

Another such story, though of a different breed, involved Maria Margherita Loch, who passed away in Italy. Her beloved German Shepherd, Tommy attended her funeral service and waited patiently for her return.

Stories such as these remind us exactly why humans and dogs have such a close relationship with one another.


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