Los Angeles Will Not Be Denied: City Council to Vote on Being GMO-Free on Oct 21st

Los Angeles Will Not Be Denied: City Council to Vote on Being GMO-Free on Oct 21st

gmo_protest_signCalifornians have been consistently telling biotech that they want to know what is in their food, but Big Biotech and Big Food refuse to listen. The Grocery Manufacturer’s Association, consisting of companies like Monsanto, Dow, and Bayer, along with food producing companies like Coca-Cola, Kraft, and General Mills, has spent $48 million to deny the YES vote on Prop 522. The GMA has also put forward another $22 million to deny the vote on SB-1381, and even bought the last two votes in the California Senate to kill a labeling initiative that would force these companies to label the toxic foods they’ve been serving the nation.

California is not going to stand down, though, and they need your support. On October 21st, Los Angeles City Council will vote on a citizens’ request to make the city a GMO-Free zone.

Two city council members, Paul Koretz and Mitch O’Farrell have brought about a way to tell Monsanto and their buddies just what they can do with their GMO seed monopolies. They introduced a motion to curb the growth and proliferation of GMO seeds and plants within the city, and to protect local gardens and city-grown food from current and future contamination from GMO seeds.

They make this request based on the urging of over 90 advocates for responsible agricultural stewardship and scientists in the field from the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility. They released a statement saying:

“As scientists, physicians, academics, and experts from disciplines relevant to the scientific, legal, social and safety assessment aspects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), we strongly reject claims by GM seed developers and some scientists, commentators, and journalists that there is a “scientific consensus” on GMO safety and that the debate on this topic is “over.” We feel compelled to issue this statement because the claimed consensus on GMO safety does not exist.”

If you live in LA, or if you don’t, you can tell city council members that you support this motion to make LA GMO free. With each little pocket of this country that we are able to eradicate genetically modified foods from – the better. These pockets will also likely show better health among their citizens over time, and these results will be hard for biotech and food manufacturing companies to deny.

We support you LA!