Lawsuit Slams “All Natural” Snack Makers for Containing Harmful GMO Ingredients

Lawsuit Slams “All Natural” Snack Makers for Containing Harmful GMO Ingredients
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Does the term ‘all natural’ really mean anything when it comes to food labeling? Increasingly, the evidence says absolutely not. A new lawsuit launched from New York highlights the real lack of meaning behind the ‘all natural’ marketing stunt, stating that Frito-Lay’s popular ‘all natural’ snack foods like Tostitos and SunChips are actually made with genetically modified ingredients.

Chris Sakes leads the suit against the mega snack corporation, filing a class-action lawsuit that sheds light on the ‘all natural’ labeling scam. Shake said that Frito-Lay products are not natural at all, as they contain corn oils and genetically modified plants. What is this phony ‘all natural’ claims worth? About 10 cents more than competing brands that do not claim to be all natural, which contain virtually the same ingredients. The lawsuit reported that independent testing actually confirmed the presence of corn and vegetables oils as well as GMOs within the popular snack brands.

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In response, a Frito-Lay spokesman stated that the ‘all natural’ statement on its packaging “complies with all regulatory requirements.”

Of course genetically modified ingredients are quite far from natural. The suit states:

“Genetically modified organisms are created artificially in a laboratory by swapping genetic material across species to exhibit traits not naturally theirs. Since a reasonable consumer assumes that seeds created in such a way are not ‘all natural,’ advertising Tostitos and SunChips as natural is deceptive and likely to mislead a reasonable consumer.”

It is interesting to note that Frito-Lay is a unit of PepsiCo Inc., a company that was recently hit with a similarly-large lawsuit. After reportedly finding a mouse in a Mountain Dew can in 2009, Ronald Ball from Illinois launched a lawsuit against the soft drink giant. In response, Pepsi Co. stated that the drink is so acidic the mouse would have disintegrated before he opened it.

As the suit against Frito-Lay gains publicity, it demonstrates just how deeply GMOs have infiltrated the food supply. Far from natural, it is time that corporations begin removing these harmful ingredients from their food products and stop claiming their products to be what they are not.