Another Study Finds Interval Training and Healthy Eating to be Solution to Obesity

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group exerciseThe Montreal Health Institute centre for preventive medicine and physical activity recently released results of a study aiming at fighting obesity. The study’s results have reflected that a program that involves both interval training and proper diet is a solution to those suffering from obesity. These results were announced at the National Obesity Summit which took place in Montreal.

The framework of this study had researchers analyzing 62 participants in a 9-month program called Kilo-Actif. The program intended for obese individuals mainly focusing on weight loss and weight maintenance. The study managed to improve the participant’s mass, effort capacity etc. On average, the 63 participants managed to lose 5.5% of their body mass, reduced their waist by a massive 5.15%, and increased effort capacity by 15%. Furthermore, the participants managed to lower their ‘bad’ cholesterol by 7% and increased ‘good’ cholesterol by 8%.

Kilo-Actif is offered at the EPIC Centre mainly to help individuals suffering from obesity to promote an active lifestyle through education as well as modify the eating habits of these individuals. In a normal week participants take part in two or three supervised training sessions that are approximate an hour each. Furthermore, they are encouraged to attend face to face meetings and two group meetings with a dieticians who will walk them through the basis of the Mediterranean diet and nutritional rules.

Here is what Dr Martin Juneau, Director of Prevention at the Montreal Heart Institute and Director of EPIC Centre had to say:

“It has been clearly demonstrated that obesity increases the risk of health problems, particularly of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, stroke, hypertension and certain types of cancer. A program like Kilo-Actif, which combines interval training with healthy eating, is therefore perfectly indicated because we know that a decrease in body mass can lower the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease.”

Valerie Guilbault, who is an kinesiologist at the EPIC centre and was in charge of the training that the participants went through during the study, added:

“Kilo-Actif’s success is largely based on the adoption of an interval training program. It is proven that, compared to moderate-intensity continuous training, interval training is more appreciated by participants. This type of training is also more effective, because alternating between short periods of intense effort and rest periods allows for a longer training time.”

There is no question that interval training is one of the best weight-loss methods studied today. Coupled with a sensible diet, this powerful combo is sure to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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