Immunize Your Child or Lose Benefits, Parents Told

Immunize Your Child or Lose Benefits, Parents Told

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Starting July 1 of 2012, Australian parents will be stripped of family tax benefits if their child is not fully immunized. Once the immunization alterations take effect next year, families who refuse vaccinations will also be refusing up to $2,100 per child in benefits. It seems that this is just one attempt by the Australian government to force vaccinations on children before potentially making it a federal law.

Forced Vaccinations Should be Illegal

Vaccinations are surrounded with quite a bit of negative history. The flu vaccine alone has been tied to convulsions, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and a number of other negative health effects. Gardasil is also a heavy hitter when it comes to serious health problems, with the vaccine leading to many deaths and thousands of hospitalizations. With that being said, how can a government penalize your for not subjecting yourself to these potential dangers?

This tactic executed by the government is simply a way to push vaccines on the population without making full immunization mandatory by law. Being told you must be fully immunized to receive a benefit is not so different from being told you won’t receive any benefits if you have high cholesterol and don’t take Lipitor. The withholding of benefits tactic is pushed by the idea that not only will millions of kids be protected, but a massive amount of money will be saved in healthcare costs. So why not make pharmaceutical drugs mandatory to keep people “healthy”? The truth is the last thing that Australia and most other nations need is more government regulation.

What is Full Immunization?

You may be wondering what full immunization even is, especially if you are planning to have a child. Here is a schedule provided by the Australian government which shows the vaccination requirements for attaining the Family Tax Benefit Part A Supplement. In order for parents and families to experience various childcare benefits, this schedule should be followed – as far as the government is concerned. According to the schedule, 5-7 vaccines should be administered at the 2, 4, 6, and 12 month mark as well as at 4 years. One vaccine which is administered almost every immunization period is the hepatitis B vaccine. Unfortunately this vaccine has been tied to infant death, multiple sclerosis, and autoimmune disorders.

It is also important to note that the Cochrane Database Review, the gold standard within the evidence-based medical model for determining the effectiveness of common medical interventions, does not lend clear scientific support to the theory that flu vaccines are safe or effective.

Shockingly, these authoritative reviews reveal that there is actually a severe lack of evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of influenza vaccines in children under 2, healthy adults, the elderly, and healthcare workers who care for the elderly.

Some other changes should be known regarding future vaccine immunization changes. Starting July of next year, the immunization check will be changed from two and five years of age to one year of age. In addition, children will be required to be vaccinated against meningococcal C, pneumococcal, and chicken pox, all for the first time starting in July of 2013.

Taking a Stand

This government incentive to get vaccinated is only one small move in the game. It is only until enough people stand up and refuse injection for themselves and their children when the next move will be made. If injection becomes federal law, we will undoubtedly see great opposition. Just as no pharmaceutical drugs should be mandatory for the “health and safety” of the population, no vaccinations should be mandatory either. Everyone should always possess the freedom of choice.