Forced Medicine: Gunpoint Medicine has Become Normal in America

forced medicine
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forced medicineFrom Africa there have been stories of mothers being hunted down by armed soldiers as they try to escape villages with their children to avoid having them receive oral polio vaccines (OPV), known to produce adverse reactions, including polio itself. This might be expected in third world countries, but the same essential tyranny has also been occurring in America.

As an adult, you can still manage to avoid toxic cancer treatments and toxic vaccinations, but if you attempt to seek alternative cancer treatments for your child, you risk your freedom and endanger your family.

You could be charged as a criminal and your child will be abducted by a local Child Protection Services (CPS) agent, and then forced by court order to undergo chemo. Gun point medicine includes vaccinations too.

Actual Forced Chemo Cases

Jim and Donna Navarro’s child Thomas was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was four. Donna was a former RN with emergency room and military experience. She knew chemotherapy was very toxic. She and Jim agreed to allow partial tumor removal with surgery while looking for a safer yet effective treatment.

Ultimately, their search wound up at Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s clinic in Houston, TX. Under extreme duress from the AMA and FDA, Burzynski’s clinic could take in cancer patients only if the patient had undergone enough Medical Mafia “standard of care” treatments to be considered hopeless.

Even taking that level of half dead patients with burnt out immune systems, Burzynski had a ‘cure’ rate of approximating 50%. The Medical Mafia claims a success rate of under 5% with most cancers and 10% to 15% with a couple of others. The Navarros were shocked to discover that their son Thomas could not undergo Burzynski’s treatments until after a full round of chemo.

At a cost of $43,000 per chemo bag, the Navarro’s were forced to go into debt to cover the 10 treatments that came to almost a half million dollars. Adding all auxiliary hospital and caretaker expenses brings the total to nearly a million dollars. After 18 months of dealing with the FDA, Thomas was finally allowed to become a Burzyinski patient.

After substantial success with the brain tumors in the following seven months, Thomas died. The medical mafia would like to claim Thomas died of brain cancer at age six. But his death certificate says otherwise: “Respiratory failure (from) chronic chemotherapy toxicity.”

Another Story

A couple of years ago, the parents of 13 year old Daniel Hauser went on the lam from their native Minnesota when a judge ruled Daniel must undergo chemo after he had decided he couldn’t take it anymore.

Daniel’s parents understood. They went to California to seek alternative help and were branded as fugitives. They had to return and submit to the court-enforced chemo for Daniel. These are merely a sampling of continuing examples of shutting down health freedom.

Submit Your Kids for Vaccinations or Else

We know about the State of California’s insane legislative decision to allow 12 year old girls to accept the incredibly dangerous Gardasil vaccinations without parental knowledge or consent.

Earlier, Texas Governor Rick Perry had failed to pull an end around with his decree to force college girls into taking the Gardasil series. The vaccine manufacturer, Merck, had contributed to Perry’s re-election campaign. These are more covert maneuvers with the same results of preventing parents from their duties of protecting their children.

The collusion of state and Medical Mafia amounts to “gunpoint medicine.” It may be less fierce on the surface than armed African troops pursuing mothers hiding their kids to avoid forced vaccinations. But it is essentially the same tyranny.