Government Illegally Raids Gibson Guitars | Steals Millions Worth of Wood

Government Illegally Raids Gibson Guitars | Steals Millions Worth of Wood

A shocking US government raid has recently taken place against the manufacturing facilities of Gibson Guitars Corp. On August 24th, armed federal marshals raided the facilities, ordering that the facilities be shut down and employees go home. They also confiscated millions of dollars worth of wood, for absolutely no reason.

The federal agents states that any guitar shipped from the Gibson facility is potentially obstruction of justice, and have charged Gibson with federal charges. There is no justifiable reason for the charge.

Natural SocietyGibson buys wood from India, as many other guitar manufacturers do. The wood is purchased legally and is endorsed by the Indian government. Despite these facts, this premier guitar manufacturer is suffering unlawful governmental opposition.

What’s more, the government refuses to inform Gibson corp. of any wrong doing they supposedly took part of. Prior to the raid, there have been no previous complaints, no notifications from government officials, and no official charges were ever filed.

It seems that the government no longer needs any reason to perform any action they desire. Judging by recent events, either you or I could be imprisoned for owning a guitar from Gibson. And don’t even try to sell it, as you would be criminally liable if you did so.

At one time, people were innocent until proven guilty. But now, even if we were to put the government in check mate, they would simply change the rules.

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