‘Girl Against Fluoride’ Takes on Mandatory Fluoridation in Ireland

‘Girl Against Fluoride’ Takes on Mandatory Fluoridation in Ireland
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Aisling Fitzgibbon - 'The Girl Against Fluoride'
Aisling Fitzgibbon – ‘The Girl Against Fluoride’

Ireland is one of the only countries in Europe to still impose mandatory fluoridation of their water supply, but this outdated, draconian ‘pubic health’ measure will likely soon end due to the efforts of one ‘girl against fluoride’ and supporters.

Corporate waste of the phosphate fertilizer and mining industry, fluoride is one nasty substance. In small amounts, it can be salubrious, but none of us in countries that still fluoridate are ingesting ‘small amounts.’ What’s more, there is no proof that this substance protects against tooth decay, which is the primary reason it is pushed on the public. In fact, countries that fluoridate their water and countries that don’t show an equal decline in the number of cavities their populations endure.

Fluoride also has been well documented as an accumulative neuro-toxin. 37 studies have proven that fluoride harms the brain, and a Harvard study, finding that fluoride does indeed lower IQ, concluded that fluoride research should be ‘a high priority.’

“It is apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain,” reported by the NRC panel, which devoted a whole chapter on the brain in its 507-page 2006 review.

Fluoridation in Ireland

Now, thanks to the efforts of a woman who came to be known as ‘the Girl Against Fluoride,’ Aisling FitzGibbon, toxic fluoride may be removed from Ireland’s water supply. FitzGibbon is currently taking High Court legal action against the Irish government for their mandatory imposition of water fluoridation.

FitzGibbon started her campaign after recovering from depression, which she attributes (the recovery) to drinking non-fluoridated water. Her case proceedings began in 2014 with the goal of overthrowing a 1963 Supreme Court Ruling, which mandated fluoridation in Ireland. She believes it is her democratic right to drink water free from this toxic substance.

The country seems split on supporting FitzGibbon’s efforts. While two town councils said they backed the end of fluoridation and Bantry, Ireland town councilors voted unanimously for an immediate end to the mandatory action, the Irish Expert Body on Fluorides and Health has rejected arguments in support of non-fluoridated water.

FitzGibbon warns in an open letter to Irish Water that they will be held personally accountable for personal injury caused by people drinking too much fluoridated water. She has also pointed out the board’s legal duty to warn consumers about the toxic effects of this chemical. She also says that people will withhold payment for city water that has been fluoridated due to its toxic effects on their health:

“Irish Water has now been informed of the imminent actions of an ever-increasing and already large number of people who are gravely concerned about the dangers to human health caused by the over-consumption of fluoride [adding that they] are no longer prepared to tolerate being forced to consume it by a nanny state.”

Others Ending Fluoridation

Multiple countries around the world have recently lifted their mandatory fluoridation policies, if Ireland should need precedence. Numerous community of Queensland, Australia have stopped fluoridating their water, affecting more than 50 townships. New Zealand has also begun the process in several communities, and Israel’s Ministry of Health has promised to lift mandatory fluoridation requirements this year.

Nearby Scotland has also had tremendous success teaching people about ways to fight tooth decay, even though their water is not fluoridated. Diet, hygiene, and overall health have a lot to do with the re-mineralization of teeth. A much larger reason for tooth decay is the lack of proper minerals in teeth than the lack of fluoridated water. Even our own saliva keeps our teeth healthy.
FitzGibbon explains further in her open letter why fluoride is toxic:

“Fluoride easily displaces iodine in the body, a lack of which shuts down production of thyroxine and can lead to hypothyroidism causing dry and premature aged skin, a lowered body temperature and a slower metabolism. Fluoride is known to be a risk factor in the development of many serious health problems that are prevalent in Ireland [and elsewhere] today.

These include cardiovascular and neurological disease, type 1 diabetes, osteoporosis, skeletal fluorosis, chronic fatigue and depression. The HSE [Ireland’s Health Services] claim that the fluoride is added to water for dental health; however we have the worst teeth in Europe despite us being the only county to be fully fluoridated.”

The original reason for mandatory water fluoridation was a PR campaign touting its ‘benefits’, but these have been overturned by scientific arguments to the contrary. You can join in FitzGibbon’s efforts to end fluoridation by educating yourself at Fluoride Action Network today.

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