Fukushima: A Nuclear Catastrophe of Epic Proportions

Fukushima: A Nuclear Catastrophe of Epic Proportions

fukushima-radiation-explosionNever before in the modern era has humankind been confronted with a nuclear disaster the likes of Fukushima. Truly, Japan has become the location of the greatest nuclear catastrophe in history, one that has defied countless attempts to resolve it. Although it was once imagined to occur in China on the silver screen, Japan has experienced the actual “China Syndrome” — an apocalyptic nuclear meltdown(s). Once again, Japan is the site of an unparalleled atomic event whose aftermath has no end in sight.

Before the nuclear event even took place a vast area around Fukushima was rendered virtually uninhabitable by the 3/11 earthquake, seaquake and resulting tsunami.  Here’s an accounting of the destruction to life and property, caused by the natural cataclysm, which has never been reported in the mainstream media (MSM).

“A total of 196,559 buildings were destroyed or damaged. Around 27,000 people were killed. More than 460,000 were made homeless and sought refuge in shelters. This included 150,000 in Miyagi Prefecture, 47,000 in Iwate Prefecture and 130,000 in Fukushima Prefecture.

In the first three days after the disaster Japan’s Self Defense Forces (the Japanese military) rescued 66,000 people, many of them stranded on hilltops and rooftops and among debris. Because reaching them by land was so difficult many had to wait to be retrieved by helicopter, which could carry only a few people at a time. Thousands of others evacuated their homes due to the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.”

The earthquake and subsequent tsunami in March of 2011 not only devastated the northeast coastline of Honshu Island, it also triggered a series of nuclear incidents some of which went completely unreported. Those various incidents seemed to have cascaded within the same window of time in order to guarantee the gravity of the cataclysm that humanity must now face.

These events continue to reverberate with awesome consequence up to this very day, as they will into the foreseeable future. It does appear that the message they bear has not yet been heard, or understood, by the civilization which created this ‘nuclear drama’. However, as long as it goes unheeded, the parade of seemingly unsolvable problems will continue to present without relenting.

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