Free Streaming ‘Healing Summit’ to Feature G. Edward Griffin, Mike Adams, Anthony Gucciardi, and More

Free Streaming ‘Healing Summit’ to Feature G. Edward Griffin, Mike Adams, Anthony Gucciardi, and More

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Following the explosive collapse of a major health industry expo known as ALIVE New York, a proverbial phoenix has risen from the ashes to create what is now being known as the Healing Summit. With a long list of top attendees — many of which were previously slated to speak at the ALIVE event, the Health Summit will be broadcast live on air via NaturalNews Radio and is 100% free to access. No membership, email opt-in, or any other type of action is needed to listen. Furthermore, there are not even any commercials. Tune in this Friday starting at 2pm EST and on re-broadcast all the way into Monday morning.

The event is seeking to bring together top names in the industry to share their knowledge to the public, including speakers such as:

  • G. Edward Griffin
  • Mike Adams, The Health Ranger on Spiritual Healing
  • Dr. Edward Group from Global Healing Center
  • Anthony Gucciardi on how to revolutionize your health without the use of drugs.
  • Robert Scott Bell, radio host and homeopathy expert
  • Many more yet to be announced.

I am personally excited to be speaking in this event, and believe it will be a forwarding experience for the entire natural health industry as a whole. You see I was vocal, along with many others in the industry, in my initial support for ALIVE New York and helped the initiative gain publicity and ticket sales through a number of articles and even a prominent banner position on NaturalSociety. I even donated a large portion of my time to the cause I believed in, as it was considered by quite a few to be a vehicle for the natural health community to enter into the mainstream. Unfortunately, information began to surface that was much cause for alarm.

Amassing thousands in donations from well-meaning companies and individuals alike who wished only to further the message of natural healing across the globe, the organization was still around $100,000 short of paying off their debts — one such expense included a $52,000 after party for celebrities and select speakers. Furthermore, around $140,000 worth of production costs were being quoted for the Livestream portion of the event despite less than 50 total Livestream tickets being sold. It was factors such as these that ultimately led the team supporting ALIVE to dissolve. Footing the travel expenses with their personal account, picking up the cost of living, and taking time off from their day job to aid the event, these individuals quickly felt conned and betrayed by the event they once believed to be life-changing for all parties involved.

Whistleblowers began to reach out to me personally, in addition to contacting Mike Adams of NaturalNews — where the leaked documentation and personal accounts have been posted for public viewing. One such individual named Lynnette Pate was listed as the former marketing director for the event. While she posted 11 ‘red flags’ regarding the event and her experiences, one of the most concerning reads:

When I asked them for the tax id number for their 501(c)3, they simply stated, we have filed for it. I called and all they had was a TIN#. They never had an EIN.

This was confirmed by the IRS upon contact, and the search can be replicated on their own website. In other words, those who ‘donated’ by purchasing a ticket or otherwise may not actually be able to write off the expense. Therefore, the “100% tax deductible” claim is misleading and downright fraudulent. And this claim, of course, was stamped throughout the website for prospective buyers. This is of particular concern for sponsors who have donated in excess of $10,000 dollars each, many of which are struggling for a refund on their support which appears to not be granted.

After a number of reports continued to surface regarding the inside activity of the organization, such as the major issue regarding the former marketing director of the organization reaching out to the public and the IRS confirming that no such 501(c)3 organization exists in Washington, freedom of speech was threatened. While bringing these factors to light, virtually all sources faced ‘legal’ threats that were intended to quell the opposition. Ultimately, the very law firm that issued these threats decided to detach themselves from the event, citing “complications.”

Free Healing Summit to Stream Online and Empower

I invite you to join myself and others on Friday, June 29th at 2PM EST over at the NaturalNews Radio Network to escalate your health and start empowering yourself to make radical changes in your lifestyle. Over 50,000 listeners are expected and once again it is 100% free. Isn’t that refreshing?