Flu Shot Throws Children into Convulsions Leading to its Ban in Australia

Flu Shot Throws Children into Convulsions Leading to its Ban in Australia

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The many health problems which follow after being vaccinated are quite scary. No one wants to hear that once you get the flu shot and leave the doctors office there is a chance of neurological damage. At what point do the dangers behind the flu shot become so great that we implement a ban on it? For Australia, that answer was convulsions.

Last year Australia noticed a lot of children being hospitalized after having convulsions triggered by the flu shot. Australian health authorities knew of these cases but continued to push the flu shot on every child. Irresponsibly, the health authorities caused more and more convulsions along with vomiting and dangerously high fevers. Finally, after having known of the convulsions and other health problem revolving around the flu vaccine, Commonwealth chief health officer Professor Jim Bishop took action and instituted a ban on the flu shot.

Convulsions Caused by Chemicals or a Flu Virus?

Vaccines are filled with chemicals. These chemicals, called adjuvants, are the leading cause of health problems such as convulsions which are experienced by children who are injected with the flu virus. The flu virus itself is not responsible for the convulsions or any other chemically induced health problem. The culprits are the adjuvants added to the flu shot and other vaccinations. The adjuvants, although may have always caused the child to fall victim to seizures and convlusions, could still lead to diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders.

How is the the Flu shot Still Pushed in other Nations?

While the flu shot remains banned in Australia due to its dangers, it is still very much alive in other countries, including the United States. You may ask yourself, how can a flu shot responsible for convulsions in children, leading to its ban in Australia, still be pushed in other nations? Most health authorities have financial ties with the drug industries, and they make huge money because of it. Unfortunately many people in power live off of pleasure (in this case, money), and have failed to find a purpose for living. They are, in essence, dishonest, and don’t care about the well-being of the world as long as they are fulfilling their pleasure-driven goal of profit.

Even with all of the evidence backing the dangers behind the flu shot and injecting kids with the flu virus, the data is simply ignored. You may remember the saying “you hear what you want to hear”. Well, this is sort of the case with many authoritative figures, once they hear it, it’s stored in an unused part of the brain. The evidence remains ignored because if they were to think about it on a conscious level, the guilt and remorse would be so overwhelming that the truth must be suppressed in their own minds.

All of thus stated are the same reasons natural remedies are suppressed. Health authorities don’t make a dime on natural remedies because an orange can’t be patented. Doctors used to be trained to know which vitamins or minerals to give to patients or suggest patients take in order to treat their illness or disease. But in the last few decades, natural remedies have been replaced by pharmaceuticals and doctors are no longer educated on natural remedies and the real power behind vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Anyone who regularly paroozes natural health websites probably knows more than their own doctor when it comes to treating a health problem with natural remedies. While the doctor may prescribe a laxative or some other harsh drug for constipation, you know that prunes and prune juice will suffice fabulously.

Think twice before having a flu virus injected into you. That very flu shot which is supposed to “make you healthy” may throw you into convulsions and you won’t even remember them when you’re older due to Alzheimer’s taking over. Choose natural remedies every time and stop the dangerous drugs and vaccines. Saving the world one less flu shot at a time…

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