FDA Targets ‘Unproven’ New Supplements While Allowing Harmful GMOs

FDA Targets ‘Unproven’ New Supplements While Allowing Harmful GMOs

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The FDA is seeking to outlaw the majority of supplements created after 1994 until they have been heavily proven to be 100% effective and free of any slight side effects, meanwhile the organization allows for harmful genetically modified ingredients to fill the world’s food supply. While the FDA’s NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) regulations seek to remove your right to freely purchase powerful superfoods, they are simply not concerned over the fact that GMO food consumption has been linked with severe organ disruption and other health concerns.

Under the new guidelines, every nutritional supplement company will be required to compose and submit a comprehensive NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) documentation for every single ingredient used in each product they are currently selling. This tedious and ridiculous process will hinder the sales of legitimate nutraceuticals, and removes your free choice to determine which ingredients you find to be the most beneficial to your health. For example, many unknowing consumers purchase synthetic vitamin brands that are actually endangering their health. One popular example is vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopherol acetate), a petrochemically derived analogue of natural vitamin E which may act as an endocrine disruptor and interfere with the heart protective natural vitamin E isomer gamma tocopherol.

FDA Ignores GMOs, Synthetic Vitamins, and Toxic Fillers Yet Attacks Real Supplements

Of course the FDA says nothing about this, as synthetic vitamins like Centrum climb to the top of the charts and are prominently displayed at pharmacies and grocery stores everywhere. In fact, the FDA had to initially allow for these synthetic vitamins and fillers to be used in these products.

If you have been following the massive anti-Monsanto revolution, then you undoubtedly are also aware that genetically modified ingredients and GMO crops are actually a much greater threat than these synthetic vitamins.  Shockingly, the FDA and the USDA has allowed for Monsanto and other biotech corporations to increasingly modify the planet, with little knowledge on the true longterm consequences of allowing for such a test to be conducted on the global population.  Nearly 93% of US soybeans are genetically modified, with other food staples like corn and sugar beets not too far behind.

Time and time again, the true effects of GMO crops and ingredients have exploded out into the public spotlight. More information is being leaked to the press almost daily, and Monsanto is being hit with an unprecedented amount of resistance. Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup, Roundup Ready crops, and other GM products have consistently been found to:

  • Require significantly more pesticides
  • Create mutated superweedsresistant to Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup
  • Spawn mutated insect populationsresistant to Monsanto’s Bt GMO corn

Apparently this is not compelling enough for the FDA, an organization that finds health-promoting supplements based off of plants that have existed for countless centuries to be a direct danger to human health. Perhaps the FDA does not know that pharmaceuticals have led to the deaths of over 3 million people over the past 27 years, while vitamins have killed zero.

FDA Sits Idle as Other Nations Take Real Action

The FDA has allowed for Monsanto to take over the United States food supply as other nations are taking a stand against the bloated biotech corporation. Monsanto’s Posilac, a genetically modified synthetic hormone injected into cows, has been banned in 27 countries over legitimate health concerns. As for the United States, it is estimated that around 1/3 of cows in the country are injected with this synthetic hormone. Why? Because the FDA, thanks to Monsanto employees being appointed to key positions within the agency, determined rBGH (Posilac) to be completely safe for human consumption.

France, Hungary, and Peru have all taken direct action against Monsanto and genetically modified foods. Meanwhile the FDA defends Monsanto in direct contrast to the global health revolution, sending back public health by 500 years through harsh and unnecessary NDI regulations that challenge the ability to manufacture powerful supplements and superfoods.