The DARK ACT is Back. We Need Your Help to Stop It and Protect our Rights!

The DARK ACT is Back. We Need Your Help to Stop It and Protect our Rights!

Senator Pat Roberts is taking over where other legislators have left off. He’s been busy trying to push the DARK ACT, a piece of legislation that would halt states from implementing mandatory GMO labeling, on the people with brute force.


Representatives Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) and G. K. Butterfield (D-N.C.) first introduced this federal legislation, which was essentially drafted and developed by major food conglomerates as well as biotech companies like Monsanto. Now, Roberts is trying to push it through again after it was narrowly defeated in a recent public spending bill.

Just days ago, Senator Roberts, Chair of the Agriculture Committee, introduced a new bill to take away your rights – it’s being called the DARK Act on steroids. The bill would preempt Vermont’s and all other states’ mandatory GMO labeling laws forever and put voluntary labeling under the jurisdiction of the USDA. Yes, the same corrupt government agency that has given a green-light to toxic pesticides in our food, and recently, GMO salmon.

The USDA even wants the latest genetic engineering technique, called CRISPR, to be labeled as non-GMO, even though it is arguably one of the most dangerous forms of genetic alteration to date.

This new, darker DARK ACT, is coming out now because Monsanto and Big Food companies are panicked. Vermont’s mandatory labeling law is scheduled to take effect in just months – on July 1st, with this new bill being scheduled to go to vote on Thursday, February 25th.

You can bet the timing is no mistake. Monsanto can’t let Vermont’s mandatory labeling law go into effect, as it would set too large a precedence for others states desiring labeling laws of their own.

It is absolutely vital that you and your friends, your grandparents, your hairdresser, and your neighbors contact your Senators and tell them NOT TO PASS Senator Robert’s DARK ACT. If it makes it through, it means that Americans will be kept in the dark yet again about whether our food has been created with genetic engineering.

Please make your voice heard. You can start by overflowing your representative’s inboxes. Make them overflow!



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