California Schools Visiting Homes of Unvaccinated Children with Nurses

California Schools Visiting Homes of Unvaccinated Children with Nurses

Natural Society

The whooping cough frenzy has just been taken to a new level, with California school officials now visiting the homes of children who have not received the whooping cough vaccination. Accompanied by a school nurse, they aim to vaccine the child at their own home. The news comes after it was announced that children were being banned from schools if they did not receive the vaccine, despite scientific research concluding that widespread vaccination against whooping cough (pertussis) would do almost nothing to reduce infection rates among unvaccinated children.

District Student Services Director Heyman Matlock from The Natomas Unified School District in Sacramento has been driving door to door to find unvaccinated children. The action is a slap in the face to health-conscious parents who may not want their child vaccinated over legitimate concerns, though California legislatures have already demonstrated their desire to keep parents in the dark over the health of their children. Backed financially by Merck, a prominent vaccine manufacturer, a California bill was passed that would mandate Gardasil and hepatitis B vaccinations for children as young as 12 — without parental consent.

Would you let your son or daughter be vaccinated with Gardasil, linked to the death of 49 individuals and countless hospitalizations? 

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