Bird Mystery Explained: USDA Found to be Killing Off Animals in the Millions

Bird Mystery Explained: USDA Found to be Killing Off Animals in the Millions

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In recent times the world has experienced what was at one time an unexplained series of bird deaths. There have been claims that the deaths were a result of electrical wiring, or even a secret U.S. weapon. The deaths were so mysterious and unaccounted for that it drew worldwide attention, with scientists searching for answers internationally.

In the 1960’s the USDA established a program referred to as the Bye Bye Blackbird program. This program is solely responsible for the mass killings of what could ultimately be millions of birds across the nation. In 2009 alone the USDA poisoned and killed over 4 million birds. The documents state whether or not the deaths were intentional or unintentional on the government website. You can find extremely large numbers, such as 22,276 blackbirds marked as intentionally euthanized. Here is some data from the USDA itself.:

Brown-headed cowbirds: 1,046,109
European Starlings: 1,259,714
Red-winged blackbirds: 965,889

These numbers are simply the top three for 2009. Let us not forget about all the other years animals have been killed since the 1960’s when the program was first created.

The government is committing what many people would call a crime. Killing mass amounts of animals via poison is a flagrant act of violence against nature that should not be tolerated or encouraged. People aren’t allowed to hunt in certain regions of the United States, but the government is allowed to kill off animals by the millions. Something is terribly wrong with this picture.

You’d think that the only justification the USDA could claim for killing animals might be because the animals are a serious threat to society or they are carrying a deadly disease that could have significant negative impact on the population. But the reason for the Bye Bye Blackbird program is because the animals are considered a nuisance to farmers.

It’s true, farmers do have to endure the annoyance and indiscriminate actions of outside predators who love to feed off their garden of food. But is that really justification for poisoning millions of animals? Many of these animals, such as starlings and sparrows, hardly even pose a threat to farmers.

Instead of using the populations tax dollars to deprive these animals of existence, maybe the government should put stricter standards on how the crops are being treated. If cows ate what they were born to eat, which is grass, instead of grain then farmers wouldn’t have to worry about birds swooping down and eating their food. Instead of focusing on the nuisance of animals, the government should improve on the way crops are grown by eliminating poisonous herbicides and pesticides and stop feeding the cows genetically modified feed that they would never naturally eat in the wild.

Animals are dying in the name of the poisonous food humans consume every single day.