‘GMO Frankenfoods Should be Labeled’: Bill Maher Talks About Monsanto, GMOs

bill muher gmo

bill muher gmoIn light of the highly questionable effects of genetically modified organisms and modern agriculture, yet another celebrity has spoken out against Monsanto and the hotly debated creations known as GMOs. You may not agree with everything that Bill Maher says, host of HBO’s Real Time, and an often-billed guest on talk shows, but you have to at least applaud his outspoken stance on GMOs and Monsanto. Maher is unabashed about slamming the big agricultural food mega-corps and the people who support the diminishing integrity of our food supply.

On the subsidies given to food makers:

“It’s all the stuff that goes into making the worst kind of food.”

On the fact that other countries label GMOs, but the U.S. doesn’t, and even fights against consumers who want to know what is in their food:

“China labels GMO – they put lead in baby food. We can’t have that in America, you know why? In America, corporations run the show. Even though nine out of ten Americans would at least like foods to be labeled – at least we know they are Frankenfoods – but it would hurt sales, so ‘shut up and eat your mutant chili.”

Nick Gillespie, author of the Declaration of the Independents, counters Maher:

“If it is useful to label products, like fair-trade coffee, for instance, or if you go to Kroger, one of the biggest super market chains in America, they use the system where you can tack your produce. You can use a QR scan on your smart phone . . .”

Maher interrupts:

“For God’s sake, who’s going to do that. Can’t you just put it on the label like everybody else in the world does?”

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Good question Bill. Why can’t we just put ‘made with genetically modified ingredients’ on the labels? Americans have spoken out repeatedly. Even many celebrities have come forward promoting the labeling of GMO foods – like Michael J. Fox, Julie Bowen, Chevy Chase, Tom Colicchio, and many more. More than 2 million people walked in the March Against Monsanto. Why don’t our government regulators listen to us?

It’s simple. Corporations have been given more rights than people. You should check out the book Corporations Are Not People. The book states that corporations are given more rights than Americans, and it seems that cowed and trembling lawmakers at all levels of government don’t even realize that corporations are in fact not people.

The more people, especially visible ones like Maher, who stand up to GMO corporations, the better chance we have of eliminating this scourge from our planet.

Gillespie then reiterated:

“. . .when consumers want that information its provided to them.”

Funny then, that the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association has spent millions trying to keep people from knowing ‘that information.’ This man is obviously ill-informed or paid by the same corporations he is defending against in a conversation with Maher.

You can watch the full four-minute video of Maher speaking about GMOs here.