Anthony Gucciardi Talks With March Against Monsanto Director


I recently sat down with Nick Bernabe, a director from the March Against Monsanto campaign, to talk about the upcoming event and the massive outcry we’ve seen across the United States from ordinary people who have just about had it with the pervasive existence of Monsanto’s genetically modified organisms within the food supply.

I’ve been vocal about my support towards the March Against Monsanto initiative and its focus, which is rooted in a grassroots operation that calls for worldwide assemblies around the world in protest of Monsanto on this upcoming May 25th.

Overall what I like about the campaign is the fact that it is ‘open source’ in that anyone can become a campaign manager in their area and rally at the local court house. From Austin and San Diego to New York City, thousands are already reporting in as attendees for the rallies that we see brewing in these areas.

The ‘master document‘ that holds all of the rallies actually links to the Facebook event pages for each individual city and town, and creates a massive network of anti-Monsanto activism that can now be turned into a rally that I think is much different than your average protests.

Not only has there been quite a degree on this movement since it’s grassroots and gaining support from the ground level, but I think it specifically opens up the doorway to similar movements that will take everything powerful about the March Against Monsanto and condense it into another campaign.

Ultimately, it comes down to an open source formula that can be used to highlight and combat key issues. Whether it’s more initiatives against Monsanto and corruption at large, or we see a national march against the mega banks who have been caught funding Mexican drug cartels, it’s highly possible to take the format and apply it to all major issues if the community is there.

I encourage everyone to check out their local March Against Monsanto gathering and hand out information to those who are not familiar with what’s going on. Expect media attention, and don’t be afraid to chat with local stations over what’s going on. Let them know that people are fed up with eating genetically altered food that 34 pieces of peer reviewed research have linked to diseases like Lymphoma and DNA damage.

Tell them that this movement is a grassroots initiative to kick out Big Food corruption that we see with biotech giant Monsanto, which is funded by United States taxpayer dollars that we are drained of each year.