Aluminum Adjuvant in Vaccines Sparks Worry

Aluminum Adjuvant in Vaccines Sparks Worry

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A report from the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology found that aluminum hydroxide, the main metal-based adjuvant present in vaccines, as well as a supplemental aid, may be causing an aluminum overdose at the point of vaccine injection.

In the report, a 45 year old woman had vaccine-inducted subcutaneous pseudo lymphoma, a nasty skin lesion comprised of lymphocytes, macrophages, and dendrite cells in the skin at the cellular level. The biopsy of the skin at the site of the injection revealed a cluster of aluminum deposits in the macrophages. The skin sample compared to a control group had as much as 150 times the amount of aluminum deposits, a very alarming amount of the skin detriment.

The report states that:

“Given the pathology of this patient and the high Al concentration in skin biopsy, the authors wish to draw attention when using the Al salts known to be particularly effective as adjuvants in single or repeated vaccinations. The possible release of Al may induce other pathologies ascribed to the well-known toxicity of this metal…”

This means that while the adjuvants ‘may be effective,’ they are also putting us at risk of acquiring far worse formations of viral bacteria.

Since the aluminum compound used as an adjuvant within the vaccines is taken so seriously, vaccine producers construct the vaccines to have more antibodies and less of the antigen, likely used as a method for profiteering. The increased number of antibodies present in the vaccines oftentimes do more harm than good since there is no real guarantee that they will target the antigen, which is the intended effect of vaccinations and the true test of effectiveness. Many times the antibodies will attack other parts of the immune system, leading to an overall breakdown in immune system efficiency.

If you are concerned with vaccinations, know that this concern is both worthy and valid. The adjuvants contained within vaccines are considered to be healthful and well worth the risk by mainstream medical professionals, though many of them are known to be toxic to humans of any age. There are also reports of the aluminum adjuvant linked to other serious disorders in children as well as infantile deaths in many recipients of aluminum ridden injections, even with the consent of pediatric doctors.

If you’re at all concerned, learn what to do before and after receiving a vaccine, and how to block the immune response.

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