Officials Raise Alarm as New Swine Flu Strain H3N2v Infects 145

Officials Raise Alarm as New Swine Flu Strain H3N2v Infects 145
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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recorded 153 people, mostly children, infected by a new strain of swine flu between July 12 and August 9. According to the CDC, the influenza A variant,H3N2v, were contracted after contact with affected pigs at county fairs. Of course, the agency will likely balloon the issue out of proportions for a vaccine push, as they have done with many other flu strains.

“We’re seeing a big increase, and we think it’s a real increase,” Dr. Joseph Bresee of the CDC remarked on Thursday, referring to the 141-case jump since last week’s record.

H3N2v – Spread Through Pigs at County Fairs

“You bring together these fair pigs.  I’d assume a lot are not vaccinated,” added Dr. Bresee.  “You get this burst where the virus transmits rapidly among pigs….  At the same time, you’re getting more people walking through the barns than you would in a commercial farm.” Additionally, children often bring pigs to agricultural fairs and mind the animals, which might explain the predominance of children being infected by the virus, although the CDC warns that immune-compromised adults and the elderly are also at risk.

The Perils of Vaccines

This year’s season flu vaccine will not protect against H3N2v, however, since it is more related to the 1995 strain of swine flu than to H3N2. But of course the CDC strongly advises going under the needle, anyway— poor advice given pockmarked the history of the flu vaccine. The H1N1 vaccine has repeatedly shown to cause a deadly nerve disease known as Guillain-Barre Syndrome, among other nasty side-effects, with researchers concluding  people to have “a small but significant risk of GBS following influenza A(H1N1) vaccination” Additionally, a great many of flu shots and other vaccines contain thimerosal, a preservative containing over 250 times the Environmental Protection Agency’s safety limit of mercury. Why would anyone recommend getting a shot for H3N2v when the vaccine doesn’t even work?

Get Vitamin D and Boost Your Immune System Instead

Rather than putting your life and health into the hands of mercenary attendants in fear of contracting H3N2v, consider a good dose of vitamin D by taking a walk in the sunshine.  Research at Jikei University School of Medicine in Tokyo shows that vitamin D3, even in low daily dosages, reduces risk of developing the flu—even the swine flu—by 42%. Furthermore, learn of the various ways to boost your immune system naturally to protect yourself against all types of illness and disease.

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