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Saying No to Vaccines: Your Rights

Elizabeth Renter
June 26th, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 7:54 pm
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vaccinevialsbluebackground 235x147 Saying No to Vaccines: Your Rights

If you aren’t aware that vaccines are a controversial matter, you haven’t been paying attention. The government and big pharma would have you believe your life is at risk if you don’t vaccinate. But, growing research suggests vaccines aren’t effective in the prevention of disease and that they may actually cause more harm than good. The good news is that you have rights, and that saying no to vaccines is an option.

Saying No to Vaccines

But knowing how to say no to vaccination can be overwhelming for some people. This is particularly true for parents sending their children into schools. States set the requirements for vaccination and admittance into their school systems, and most allow for some exceptions—whether religious or personal in nature—allowing parents to avoid vaccinating their children. But, how do you know what your rights are in your states?

A new book by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny examines some tough questions in regards to vaccinations and people of all ages. According to the book’s official website, Saying No to Vaccines is a “resource guide for everyone concerned with vaccination,” a guide for “all ages.”

Within its pages is information on the history of mandated vaccinations, details on vaccine exemptions (for schools, military, healthcare professionals, and more), vaccine ingredients, and more than 350 medical references regarding common problems associated with vaccinations.

In a recent interview with Crusador as published on, Dr. Tenpenny described her book and her mission:

“Parents needed a tool that did their homework for them. The evidence is there to support their decision to not vaccinate; you just have to do a little work to find it. Everyone seems to be so afraid of “bugs” and their potential ability to make us sick. But the reality is that we swim in “bugs” every day and we are not dropping over like flies.. The only “bugs” we seem to obsess over are associated with vaccines. Only two generations ago, measles, mumps and chickenpox were normal experiences of childhood. Why we have complete fear of these infections is media and money driven and unfounded.”

If the focus of Public Health was on sleep, exercise, clean water and safe, non-GMO food, we would have a healthy society without vaccines, but we would not have billion dollar industries employing millions of people to keep us “healthy.” The fact is, we are a very UNhealthy society with vaccines, so the Public health and argument that we must vaccinate ‘for greater good’ is a failure.

There are plenty of reasons for saying no to vaccines. The fact is, your immune system is the best fighter against illness and disease, not vaccines. If you have already received a vaccine or your child has, it is important to take some measure to ensure immediate and long-term safety by treating the immune response.

When asked whether she is confident about the people’s self-empowerment when it comes to vaccines, Dr. Tenpenny says Americans “tend to be sheep,” and expresses a commonly-held belief that “no one wants to stand out, speak up and challenge authority.” Hopefully, by giving people the knowledge needed she can influence change.

You can read the rest of her interview on saying no to vaccines here and see more about her book Say No to Vaccinations on the official website. Also, look at how to avoid ‘mandatory’ vaccinations through exemption.

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  • phiwe

    Do I hv right to not vaccinate if I leave outside US, I am in south africa?

  • ella

    But what if you don't have a "valid" medical or religious reason and don't live in 1 of the 18 states that allow personal beliefs? What would be a valid medical reason? My son has an auto immune disease and I don't want him to have to get the Tdap vaccine (or my daughter) but my state just started requiring the booster before highschool and middle school.

  • @SententiaeDeo

    Some vaccines are only made using aborted human fetus cells! There's a chart of the ethical alternatives (if available) here:

  • Mandi

    Those who are saying vaccines are the only option are wrong. Those who say vaccines are people killers are also wrong. Vaccines have their time and place.

    The polio vaccine was an amazing step in science when it was first developed. By introducing a small, dead piece of the vaccine into the body, the immune system was given time to analyze the enemy and develop a "memory" for the intruder so that should the real, live version appear, the body could react quickly. The vaccine was not without side effects, but when the side effects were compared to what could happen if they got polio, the vaccine outweighed not getting the vaccine without question.

    What many people do not understand is that the "flu" has different masks. If the flu had one identity, you would only need one shot and then you would be fine. Any time the flu arrived in your body, the body would fight it off without a problem. However, the flu has different masks and changes quickly and often. When a new version of the flu arrives in your body, your body does not know how to react. So it takes time to figure out what it is and how to fight it. If you got the vaccine, and if it was the right vaccine, then your body will be able to recognize the flu much faster and you will defend yourself much more quickly.

    Some say the flu shot "isn't even always right". Which is true, but you can't give it no credit. They use statistics in everything, from the probability of which items you will buy in a store when they're located in certain places, to how you will feel about a politician in certain colors, to the probability of weather, behaviors, etc. They use statistics and data from other hemispheres of the world who are in flu season to make the best educated guess for which flu strain will be here. It's not perfect, but it's not a shot in the dark.

    You need to consider your age, your immune system, the probability of your exposure to the virus, the way you body reacts to the vaccine, etc. to determine if its worth it for you to get the vaccine or not.

  • Scott S.

    People who work in hospitals actually develop stronger immune systems because of their constant exposures to wide varieties of diseases. Sure, an overpowering exposure to a new "bug" is a risk, but the powerful exposure to an unintended component of a "new vaccine" is also a risk. Some of the early vaccine efforts were awesome, largely because basic hygiene and disease prevention practices were poorly understood. But, we have made huge leaps in understanding natural ways to disrupt the spread of infections and epidemics and also how to help patients too weak to resist new diseases. Too many bio-medical researchers are being indoctrinated into the dream world of a disease free Utopia. In the real world, every form of disease causing micro-organism eventually exhibits some form of mutation. If our immune systems are overly pampered, the results will eventually be disastrous.







  • Scott S.

    Regarding other vaccines… My uncle, a doctor, made sure we all got polio vaccines in the 1950s. (My father actually contracted polio in the 1930's and the family had reasons for being cautious. Now that the natural prevention for polio is known, my uncle recommends against the vaccine. I also got a smallpox vaccine when I was 18 months old. Many doctors since tried to retest my immunity in the fifties and sixties, being convinced by their training that I was no longer protected after ten years without re-vaccination. They never got even the slightest reaction. and stopped trying when the WHO declared Smallpox was eradicated.

    As for measles, chickenpox, mumps, etc. When I was an early elementary school age child, my uncle(who had become a professor of physiology at a major medical school) recommended healthy children be exposed to others who had the disease so our immune systems could develop stronger natural responses under the watchful eye of a physician!

  • Scott S.

    I have contracted "the Flu" three times in my life. Each time was when I was still in school immediately after being vaccinated to prevent "the Flu". After that I always managed to dodge the school wide vaccinations, and have not had another problem with it in the last forty-five years.

  • Nick

    Good day,

    I am concerned about mandatory flu vaccinations being the norm in hospitals for their employees, especially nurses.

    If one has never had a serious flu and has never had the flu vaccination, is there justification for the management of the hospital to demand compliant acceptance of their mandatory vaccination policy?

    I believe there was there a case in New York where a hospital was attempting to do the same thing with their staff. Some of the staff fought it in court and won. Does anyone know more of this case? Is it applicable for issues here in Ohio?

    Can the govt. or businesses, even hospitals, force their staff to have flu vaccinations here in Ohio?

    • Bobby Christian

      My mother died from taking a flu shot. Now, me and my wife and all our adult children refuses to take flu shots. I have a cousin however that, even though we warned her not to take flu shots, got a flu shot not long ago and now she very ill. Are those people pushing those darn flu shots killing off Americans on purpose? With all that is going on in our government now days it really makes me wonder.

  • Cassius

    If anyone believes vaccines are effective, they should have them.

    Then, there is no need to worry

    about what others do. Solved.

  • Human

    All vaccines are dangerous and do not work and have been used for depopulation through sterilisation as has occurred in Africa and will also be used for mandatory microchipping of the human population. The Verichip RFID microchips will be able to control every aspect a person's life including financial, medical, security, location and law enforcement. If the person fails to comply then an electric shock will be administered by the chip to the persons nervous system with ever increasing levels of electric shocks including a fatal level the signal for this could be sent by the cell phone.

    Merck scientist Maurice Hilleman interviews:

  • The Lighthouse

    John posting June 27 at 2:43 pm please explain the 80 some children in India who contracted polio last year after being injected with the vaccine. Looking at the charts it would seem the rare disease is spread through the injections, what do you have to say to polio sufferers that picked it up after sitting their injected grand-child on their knee?

  • chris

    @john – whatever ———-, if people will just read their state laws , there is no state claiming the power to inject you with any thing, if the government truly had control of what was put into your body , they would be coming door to door , with an armed contigient, to enforce whatever bs they dreamed up that week …

    • Charlie Jones

      when they start comming door to door….make sure They get their shots too…..

  • Joining the Discussi

    A good start for researching how our government agencies and the medical establishment has dealt with the vaccine issue and in particular, vaccine safety, is the following article. Also, please review the articles with links on the side of the below article.

    A good article for introducing you to some initial research on the way the courts handle vaccine injury, which occurs quite frequently, should your child be injured, is the following article.

    Good luck to all of you.

  • John

    This article is fundamentally false and if it causes an innocent child to die or get permanently disabled it would be evil. Only ask serviving polio victims who can't breath, walk or suffer other permanent disability. How can you do this just for the sake of a buck? Anyone reading this, please talk to your child's doctor before denying them health safety.

    • Anonymous

      Really, so our children getting ADHD and Autism is not bad by any means? That is what these vaccines do and now the children are the ones paying the price. Do you have a special needs child? Do you have children? I have two Special needs and as a parent it is very hard.

    • Joining the Discussi

      John you are braindead, or a shill.

      One doesn't know which one is worse.

      You have drunk the nectar and cannot escape from your thought process.

      May God help you.

    • Mark

      Thanks for raising the flag. A question to ask the antivax folks is "Do you believe smallpox was eliminated from the earth? If you believe that, then do you believe it happened the way scientists said it did?"

      You will get some who go so far as to deny that. Then it's tough to move forward.

    • Megan

      those who had polio were vac with othe vac that changed their body so it couldn't fight what at one time ( before any vacs) was a benign summer bug.