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Will the CDC Enforce Hepatitis Vaccinations on Baby Boomers?

Paul Fassa
October 14th, 2013
Updated 10/14/2013 at 10:34 am
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vaccine immunization 263x164 Will the CDC Enforce Hepatitis Vaccinations on Baby Boomers?A scary CDC (Centers for Disease Control) proposition was reported by Activist Post in mid-2012 that so far hasn’t been acted upon. But a recent visit to my local VA (Veteran’s Administration) clinic raised the possibility that it may become reality. It was suggested I get the Hep-A and B vaccinations due to a positive Hepatitis C test in 1999. Adding that to the aggressiveness of enforcing vaccinations throughout many regions makes this CDC proposition more plausible.

In 2012, it was reported that the CDC was predicting an epidemic of hepatitis C (Hep-C) among baby boomers. So in order to preempt this epidemic, they drafted a proposition to have everyone born between 1945 and 1965 tested for Hep-C in order to receive treatments and vaccinations (after diagnosis) with Hep-A and B vaccines.

That seems like a nasty proposition. Two vaccinations that pretend to be designed for Hep-C. The Hep-B vaccine has a long track record of reported serious adverse reactions and deaths. They don’t have a Hep-C vaccination. Could it be because there is no virus?

Is there Even a Hep-C Virus

Dr. Michael Tierra and health reporter Sepp Hasslberger report how Chiron, a diagnostic department of Novartis Vaccines, spent years struggling to find a Hep-C virus. After lots of manipulation, they came up with footprint of a shadow, or a phantom virus, that enabled them to create a blood screening test for Hep-C that has generated considerable income.

Normally, when high liver enzyme counts are discovered in a blood test, a Hep-C test is ordered. But high liver enzyme counts simply indicate stressed livers, which could be due to several other causes.

Nobel prize winning virologist Peter Duesberg also thinks there is no Hep-C virus. So do journalists Torsten Engelbrecht and Dr. Claus Koehnlein who put out the book Virus Mania. Their book debunks virus claims for several diseases. The experts who debunk this test argue that the phantom virus does not pass the complete criteria of an actual infectious virus.

But Big Pharma intends to profit highly from fear mongering and developing harmful bogus vaccines and medicines.

The Disease Creation Agenda of Big Pharma and the CDC Hep-C is supposedly passed on by blood, not saliva or semen or through any other medium. The CDC claims baby boomers were likely to experiment with injected drug use and should be screened.

The Hepatitis Education Program (HEP) of Seattle, Washington writes: “More than 15,000 Americans … die each year from hepatitis C-related illness, such as cirrhosis and liver cancer, … “ Notice it says die from Hep-C related illnesses. Part of that could be from the interferon drugs (chemo for Hep-C) or other pharmaceuticals prescribed for those diagnosed with Hep-C.

Several drugs and antibiotics carry warnings of liver damage. Even over the counter (OTC) Tylenol, which contains liver damaging acetomenophine, often causes or exacerbates liver damage. Detox and improved diets don’t make money for Big Pharma, but getting more liver disease patients by putting out liver damaging drugs does.

Naturopath Michael Tierra and others have handled folks “diagnosed” with Hep-C, or stressed liver conditions, with herbs and good diet. Many who have been diagnosed with Hep-C lead normal lives with only slight changes in their lifestyles. Such as yours truly.

Hep-C is probably a cover tag for an overburdened toxic liver, which is likely in our toxic age of processed foods, environmental pollution, and stressful lifestyles. There are several natural ways to handle that.

Read: Liver Cleanse Diet

This CDC program may fit nicely into the Obamacare agenda. No Hep-C test or Hep-A and B vaccinations could mean no health care even as you pay into program. It may even come to pass that dreaded vaccination agents knock on senior citizens’ doors demanding entry to enforce these actions.

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  • eddysach

    I’ve had Hep C since 1991…one time injection when absolutely drunk & nursing my emotional wounds after being jilted…stupid me!…2 mo. later my eyes were yellow…my stool was white/pale grey…my urine was dark brown….I eat everything that still has a life-force…juice …no wheat…etc etc…I’m very healthy alto when my hearts pumping I acquire red flushed palms as a sign of inflammation from my bodies defense mechanism….YES there is a VIRUS!!!….I like this site & know you would not propagate bs knowingly…but this has obviously slipped past you…everyone makes mistakes…just correct the info…cheers

  • HepCsurvivior

    This article is in fact absurd, no research, just paranoia.
    EVERYONE should get themselves tested, if you don’t have money – donate blood…they’ll tell ya! (they’ll test it before they distribute it further, have since 1984). HepC is a silent epidemic, docs miss it all the time…
    The age group mentioned is at an increased risk because of the mass vaccines programs (esp in the military) and needles were not always changed….
    Most people don’t even know how they got it. You don’t have to be a junkie to contract it. It is however important to know if you have it so you can at least adjust your lifestyle…
    I’m kinda outraged at the attempts to downplay the serious effects of this virus in another effort to engage people in a political debate. It makes me want to question everything I’ve read on this site so far…..

  • kerrdog

    To say that there isn’t a hep c virus is absurd. I know 5 people that have it. One has died it wasn’t a fake death.

    • Vann Wilson

      I have hep-c from nam don’t know I got it it is a virus the va hospital in gainsville fla has taken good care of me there is suspost to be a cure it keeps the virus from replacateing