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Why Does the Government Care so Much About Vaccinating You?

Elizabeth Renter
October 15th, 2012
Updated 10/31/2012 at 8:55 pm
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vaccinedoctoradminister 235x147 Why Does the Government Care so Much About Vaccinating You?

The government cares about you being vaccinated. No, they don’t necessarily care about the negative effects of the vaccination or your concerns, but they do invest millions of dollars to ensure as many people as possible receive things like the flu vaccine every year. They say they care because they want you healthy, but evidence shows not only do they not care, but vaccinations aren’t a good way to maintain health. Why? What’s the big motivator for the government to push vaccines like a dealer pushing illegal drugs on the corner?

Like any other drug dealer, there’s only ever one real motivation, and it isn’t your health.

The Alliance for Natural Health reports that the federal government has recently invested $400 million towards developing vaccines and similar drugs. This money is going to the Big Pharma companies of Novartis, Lonza, and GlaxoSmithKline, among others. They recently gave Sanofi Pasteur $77.4 million to retrofit their vaccine plant, far less than the company is putting towards the changes themselves. They’re doling out taxpayer money by the fortune and giving it to these companies who hide behind what they call “prevention” and “preparedness,” never minding the fact that the effects of these vaccines are highly questionable and the flu vaccine still contains mercury—one of the most toxic substances on the planet.

But it gets much, much scarier (and crazier). We recently reported that one biotech company known as ProdiGene, the officials from which actually faced jail time back in 2002 for contaminating the traditional food supply with ‘biopharmaceutical’ crops that were growing pharmaceuticals and vaccine components associated with AIDS, diabetes, and diarrhea. As if forcing vaccines on the public and infants isn’t enough, we need biofarms too?

Any concerns raised by the people or by science are cast off as conspiracy-theories or anomalies. But despite maintaining vaccines are for the good of everyone, the government has set up a vaccine court to help support Big Pharma should they get caught up in lawsuits. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is designed to compensate people who are adversely affected by vaccines without really placing the blame on vaccine makers. It protects Big Pharma with federal dollars.

Though they maintain vaccines are safe, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has “issued decisions in favor of plaintiffs who were hurt by the flu vaccine”. They don’t want you to know about that though. They ignore the numbers which show an increase in adverse reactions to flu vaccines. They disregard research that shows people who received the flu shot were actually more likely to develop H1N1 than those who didn’t. They whitewash it all and urge everyone to get the injections.

The vaccine industry is just another money-making, good-ol’-boy network of “Crony Capitalism”. It isn’t about your health or the “preparedness” of the nation for an outbreak. It’s about money. It’s about lining the pockets of the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry at any cost—including if that cost is your life or that of your child.

Learn your rights to saying no to vaccines today.

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  • Serene

    Ive had numerous runs of "mandatory" vaccines, that I absolutely HAD to have if I wanted to continue to study nursing. My story is long, so please bear with me.

    When I was 15, I had my first ever vaccination. My mother never vaccinated before that school-based one, and I was always healthy. After this first vaccine, I started to develop frequent stomach pains, diarrhoea, reflux. I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel disease, and at one stage they tested me for Crohns and Coeliacs. I have one marker for Coeliac disease, but not both needed for diagnosis. I never had bowel issues before this. EVER.

    When I was 17 I had another vaccine – just a booster, because I had never had DTPa before and I was told to have it because of an increase in whooping cough cases locally. 3 months later, I had developed Type 1 (autoimmune) diabetes. So now, not only was I on the toilet all the time, but I was injecting myself too.

    I started my nursing degree in 2005. To be allowed on prac – ergo, to pass – I had to have enormous rounds of vaccines. I never seroconverted with HepB, and one venue insisted I have a fifth booster to try seroconvert before I attended there. I also had to have Gardasil for them. It was less than a month after it, that I began to feel weak.My thought processes began to change. I thought I was just tired. I failed that prac. I was diagnosed later that year with Graves disease, and I was severely thyrotoxic, extremely weak, and eventually I had a psychotic break (I do not remember it). I was unable to normalise my thyroid levels even with VERY large amounts of medication and even steroids, and I was getting sicker and weaker. I was developing cardiac arrhythmias, and even had cardiac antibodies. My thyroid and parathyroids needed to be removed. I was finally well enough to finish uni 15 months later – almost 3 years after getting sick in the first place, because of a vaccine. During this time, I had completed my Gardasil course at the insistence of the university, and 6 months after a CLEAR pap smear and screen I had my last Gardasil injection.

    18 months later… because smears are second yearly at my age. I had my routine smear, and a grade 4 abnormality was detected. With previously normal smears, this is not normal at such a young age. Further tests, HPV-DNA testing came up positive for a strain that is included in Gardasil. After 2 years of monitoring and watching it "go away" once, but then come back, I had multiple colposcopies, and eventually a LLETZ. I have had one clear smear following my LLETZ, but am still in the "monitor" phase. I am in a long term monogamous relationship. My husband is military and had yearly STI screens, all of which have been normal and negative. They are STILL negative for the viral strain that caused my lesion, the strain that Gardasil "protects" you from… the strain that I was injected with.

    At the moment, I am trying to convert from casual to permanent at work, but I am being met with resistance because I still suffer from all these illnesses. It is worse in the morning, it always has been. My doctor is supportive of me working, and I CAN work afternoons and nights, but thats not good enough for the new manager where I want to work. The discrimination I am experiencing because of vaccine injuries is astounding. I didnt choose any of this. My career is suffering because of a mandatory injection to get INTO the career in the first place.

  • Andrew

    Common sense dictates thet normal exposure to most things we call sickness will if treated for symptoms , eventually help our bodies develope natural immunities. The old saw that what does not kill us just makes us stronger comes to mind. My concern here is how do we parse out those vaccines that really REALLY do assist mankind in general like polio or chicken pox et al and some conspiracy theory that may or may not have credibility! I was getting silver fillings in my teeth so far back that when it became public knowlege that this was not good in general,I should have already been a goner. I am 64 and while I never get silver fillings anymore and try to avoid flu shots as I prefer the natural immunity process over chemistry at this point I am also prudent enough top realize that we need to use some reason and commons sense in all this as polio and mumps and measles and the pox are far worse then the imagined demons hiding in some folks imaginations real or percieved.

  • Anthony

    Two points:

    1. Every time there is an outbreak of chicken pox at school, most of the kids who get it have had the vaccine. Guess it really works, huh?

    2. This is just Big-Pharma + Big-Government wanting to control your life from cradle-to-grave. You may not like us in the Tea Party, but we believe in the Constitution, which means less government and more individual rights. If you want less Govt control over your life, join your local Tea Party.


  • JUDE

    Little wonder that kids have ADD/austism in that they receive approx 25 (in total combinations) vaccines before first grade ( immune systems can't handle) I wouldn't believe the POPE if he told me vaccines no longer contain thermisol – please~ Autism in my town was unheard of as was Parkinson/Alzeimer disease —one thing not mentioned here (documented online) is that sterilizing AGENTS have been hidden in these various vaccines ( Phillipines – India – Mexico) the Catholic church and doctors in these areas became suspicious that girls women between 15-50 were targeted. They had them (vaccines) tested and sure enough sterilizing agents were found but not before tens of thousands of women became STERILE.

    • Amz

      Jude; the study that "proved" vaccines causes Autism was proven faulse.

  • Noelle West

    In my area they have started giving FREE vacines at the local super market! The man at the table who was administering the shots looked like an ex drug addict: he was dirty and unshaven. Yet people were in line! I went up to him and asked him what was IN the shot and he looked at me like "the gig is up now". He said no one ever asked him that question. I said I wanted to know the ingredients. He took out a phamlet and circled the long, long list. I think he thought I was some kind of vacine nark…anyway several people in line just walked away. I hope I saved those few. Our fellow Americans really need to wake up.

  • vicki fassett

    As a Registered Nurse, I am appalled at the sheer numbers of medical professionals involved with recommending and giving these vaccines. There is no way they have read the manufacturer's package insert and then tell their patients these jabs are safe, they are far from safe! There have been NO studies done on carcinogenicity or mutatagenics and the long term follow up is slim. Effective in preventing illness, that is just a joke!!!

  • CDR

    I am a UK reader of this newsletter and can say that we have just the same attitudes here about flu vaccines. I've had endless arguments with people on Internet forums about the mercury content of vaccines. The information is reasonably well-known here, yet people still line up at the doctor's for a flu jab. The over 65's are encouraged to go every year;I know two people who have done so and they go down with a stinking cold within a week or two of having the jab. You couldn't make it up.

    At 57 I am very lucky to have a pretty robust immune system. In fact I'm just getting through a dose of flu now; it isn't fun, but I'd rather the natural way than take on a dose of mercury!

    • Blow the Whistle

      This is an effort to reduce the population. With the advent of computers and robots – people are no longer needed, are expendable and WASTE the Earths valuable resources.

      Another population control effort – the extensive exposure of being Gay is OK (have nothing against this personal choice) yet Gays can not have children

  • Savvy Debbie

    What really annoys me big time are all the people who go like lambs to the slaughter over and over to get vaccinated. This is your body, your life, your very well being and you only get ONE of them. I really don't know how I developed my doubts of western medicine but I can only thank God for giving me that ability.

  • BJ Ferguson

    I never get these flu shots. As a matter of fact I don't shield myself from sick people either. I've been congested a few times in the past 5 years and actually was sick enough once to slow me down. I went to the doctor to get medicine for my chronic asthma, first time in years. Took the asthma medicine and disregarded the antibiotics. Hey what do you know I got better all by myself. Medicine makes your body weak and less apt to deal with anything, I will admit its necessary sometimes but is way overused. Omg I have a cough, better get some medicine. I'll never get flu shots and I'll never see the news as fact because there are always other motives behind these things.

  • Stu

    By convincing people to give up their most precious possession, a new-born baby, to the State for an injection of a secret serum containing stuff the average parent has no real knowledge of and then convincing them that the shot was the only reason their baby didn't die of whooping cough, diphtheria or mumps, the Government knows they have you under their total control and it makes it so much easier to take your money, your life and your freedom any time they choose. Of course vaccines are in the government's best interest.

  • Jane

    The real reasons is 99% of these vaccines contain compliance drugs, drugs that make you more likely to comply with whatever you are told. Look at those who get vaccinated, watch how they defend getting a flu shot every year, when before they could care less.

    Its about control people.

  • Marcia McMullin

    Years ago, listening to a late-night talk radio program, I learned about mercury being "hidden" in vaccines under names such as "thymerisal". It was my understanding that several years ago the government banned the use of mercury or any of its derivatives (including thymerisal) in vaccines. Imagine my shock a couple of weeks ago when I was going to get a flu shot (to protect my new grandson, not so much for myself) and I was just HANDED a list of questions that are supposed to be asked by the nurse (or whoever is ADMINISTERING the vaccine)and told to read them and let her know the answers. Her laziness worked to my benefit, though . . . because one of the questions was if I was allergic to mercury, thymerisal, etc.. When I got to that question, I stopped dead . . . and asked, "You mean this vaccine has mercury in it?" She said "No, it uses thymerisal as the preservative in it. It's made from a DEAD virus so it can't hurt you in any way." I asked her, "Ya wanna bet? Have you ever heard of mercury poisoning? How about the similarities of symptoms between mercury poisoning and autism? You're NOT going to give me a shot with that vaccine." Flustered, because she was already at least 95% through with my paperwork, she said ". . . well . . . uhh . . . I'll mark down on here that you're ALLERGIC to thymerisal." "NOO," I said emphatically, "You'll put down that I REFUSED the shot because it contains thymerisal." Frankly, I intimidated her enough with my reactions and my knowledge, that she did what I told her to.

    Down side to this story . . . yes, I DID receive a flu shot, but I found a source that had a "preservative-free" vaccine that contained no mercury, thymerisal, etc. It cost more and some insurance companies wouldn't pay for it; but mine did. My husband and I are going to be traveling by air this January; and not only are we getting flu shots, we'll be carrying Airborne with us and using it frequently not only while we're flying, but any time we're going to be in a crowded public area. We'll also carry a supply of Oscillococcinum, a homeopathic medicine for "flu-like symptoms", which is available on the shelves at Wal-Mart. 3 doses, a few hours apart, is all you need to take if you start taking it at the first sign you're getting sick. Not bad tasting, either . . . it's a small vial of granules you dissolve in your mouth.

    Yes, I'm leary of government-pushed innoculations of ANY kind because I heard even before Y2K that there are (and were even then) microchips small enough to pass thru the needle of a syringe, so the government could be "marking" you without you even suspecting it for God (or in this case, the Devil) only knows what.

    I figure though, that at my age (64) I've already been branded numerous times . . . I even have 4 stents in my coronary arteries (ANOTHER way of being marked because of the ID #'s on the stents, just like any other device, screw, artificial joint, etc., that's surgically implanted in a person's body. How do I know, you ask, that those tiny things in my arteries have ID numbers on them? I know because I carry not one but TWO cards that list the stents, their sizes, locations, and have a bar code that gives no telling what besides their ID numbers. Scary, isn't it, when you think about it?

    • Dr, Chocolate

      I enjoyed this article and I agree with everything aforementioned. However, There is another more sinister reason poisons are allowed into Vaccines. Check this out, the mixture the FDA permits without labels actually destroys our Pituitary glands in our brains, some cultures call it the third eye, albeit the most important part of our creative thinking. It is the part of us that connects us to the devise. Why would they want to do degenerate the middle brain of the mass public under education and market control? Think if you still can, why do they insist on shots before college, all the while knowing vaccines only mutate into a harmful disease. Why ? because without our vital middle gland of the brain we become submissive and do what we are told without question, without research. We remain followers and not leaders, we are easy pray to sell anything too. Why not give babies shots before this gland has a chance to see the difference. Research the eye or apple of my eye, third eye, pituitary gland, etc…. you will find it in every ancient culture and mentioned today as the looking glass. It is even mentioned in the Bible. It is joked about in movies all the time too. Watch for it, you will notice it now that I have brought this secret to your attention. Be Free.

      • Deborah

        May explain why I have Parkinson's disease; I was officially diagnosed at the age of 54.

        Researchers have concluded that Parkinson’s symptoms are caused by the progressive loss of brain cells (neurones) in a part of the brain called the substantia nigra, which produces the chemical dopamine. They claim that they don’t know what causes it to happen yet they insist that stem cell research is a waste of time, calling it a “dead end”. The substantia nigra is located in the mesencephalon (midbrain).

        Coincidence that ingredients in vaccines “may” affect the midbrain? 15,000 people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s each year in the United States alone. That, along with the allopathic medical institution’s foot dragging on stem cell research and the huge profits that pharmaceutical companies make on the drugs to relieve the chronic pain of Parkinson’s symptoms, illustrates to me that they have no intentions to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. The two drugs I take each month costs a total of 2,000 dollars.

      • Jesus Saves

        It's the pineal gland not the pituitary that is called the "third eye".

      • Blow the Whistle

        I've always wondered about this thought. Not new to me though as years ago I noticed Folks seem to speak and behave as If they had consumed a quart of 'koolaide'.

        Those I speak to that claim have not ever had a Flu shot seem to be open minded and are able to converse without seeming 'controlled'!

    • Ursula

      Marcia, why did you get a vaccine at all? It won't protect your new grandson. In fact, it has been proven that it is MORE likely for you to get the flu if you've had the shot. PLUS you're ten times more likely to get Alzheimers if you get the flu shot five years in a row. Because, you see, even the vaccines without mercury have lots of aluminum and other toxins in them!

      The homeopathic medicine on the other hand is a great idea, and, together with plenty of vitamin D3 (which has been proven to actually prevent the flu), is all you need.

      • Deborah

        I had met more people who got the flu because they got a flu shot than not. In fact, I caught the H1N1 flu because a young woman kept coughing in a small bathroom as I was washing my hands. When I asked her if she had a cold, she said that she had just gotten THE flu shot the day before coming to the party. Oh, darn. After recovering from two weeks of weakness, I was out grocery shopping when a man in a business suit coughed behind me. I turned around and asked him if he was OK and he said that he just got THE flu shot. Luckily, I had developed immunity to that particular strain of flu and did not get it again.

        Flu vaccines are dangerous and do give people the flu, contrary to the lying mass media and the CDC. I will never take any vaccines again. I have enough problems because of Parkinson’s disease; I don’t need to compound it by making stupid choices like getting flu shots.