Transforming your health doesn’t take hours a day. Instead, it all starts with 20 minutes a day — and anyone can benefit. I wanted to share with you my 20 minute per day ‘life hack tip,’ so I recorded a short video while taking my own 20 minutes of the day to de-stress and enjoy nature:

Many ‘thought leaders’ recommend spending at least an hour a day to do something important: whether it’s build your business or hit the gym. I think that it’s important to set aside just 20 minutes per day to put towards more than just life goals. Whether it’s 20 minutes of total relaxation with zero distractions, or 20 minutes of intense brainstorming: we all need 20 minutes a day!

Let’s take a common example of the stressed out modern American. Maybe this individual is ‘stuck’ in a job they aren’t passionate about for financial reasons, but would love to someday explore their passion full-time. If this person were to spend just 20 minutes a day on forwarding this desire, massive progress would be made in a matter of months.

How about losing weight? 20 minutes spent doing some high intensity training, spread out over 4 weeks, amounts to over 9 hours of serious exercise. Exercise that I can almost promise you would never have happened if you tried to set an extreme goal of exercising for hours each day.

It’s extremely simple, but how many of us actually do it each day?

Oftentimes, we forget some of the most fundamental life principles that can generate significant change in our lives. This 20 minute per day life hack is one of them.

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Post written byAnthony Gucciardi:

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