A major chicken supplier for both McDonald’s and Tyson Foods has been caught deeply abusing chickens in some of the most graphic and disturbing ways possible. As documented by an undercover video investigation (see below for the video), factory farm workers can allegedly be seen beating the chickens with spikes, breaking their necks by stomping on their heads, and much more.

It’s absolute detestable, and I’m most certainly not lovin’ it.

As we’ve talked about in the past, discoveries like these are part of the reason that McDonald’s is losing profits like never before. From the toxic chemical compounds in the company’s fast food creations, to the sourcing of eggs and poultry from feces-laden fast farms: McDonald’s represents the very ‘food paradigm’ that we’re trying to move away from as an informed society.

Disgusting — McDonald’s Is Losing Money For a Reason

And amid McDonald’s struggle to survive the shift towards eating food that’s actually good for the body, this new video investigation reportedly certifies that the company (and Tyson foods) is most certainly feeding you the absolute worst level of factory-farmed meat out there. We’re not just talking about chickens that sit in their own feces and are pumped full of antibiotics in order to ensure their lifespan outlasts their chronic disease.

We’re talking about factory farm workers who are allegedly stabbing chickens to death with spikes and squashing their skulls under their boots. Factory farm workers that appear to have some kind of deep mental issues.

Watch the graphic video below for yourself:

“This type of abuse runs rampant in the animal agriculture industry, which seeks to maximize profit and minimize costs at the expense of animals, public health and the environment,” says Matt Rice, the Director of Investigations at Mercy For Animal’s (MFA) .


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