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Vermont Introduces Monumental GMO Labeling Legislation

Anthony Gucciardi
February 8th, 2012
Updated 11/06/2012 at 12:23 pm
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labelfoodlabel 210x131 Vermont Introduces Monumental GMO Labeling Legislation

Vermont has taken the initiative against Monsanto and other biotechnology corporations in launching new legislation that would require the labeling of products containing genetically modified ingredients. The bill, known as the ‘VT Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act’, was introduced to the Vermont House of Representatives by Representative Kate Webb of Shelburne on February 1st, 2012. The bill would require the labeling of not only products filled entirely with GMOs, but also for those partially created using GM ingredients.

Perhaps most monumental is the fact that the legislation would prohibit GMO food manufacturers from using promotional labels like “natural,” “naturally made,” “naturally grown,” “all natural,” or any words of similar import. The bill, which can be read for free online, would require strict and clear labeling on GMO-containing food items. The wording states that in the case of a raw agricultural commodity, the label ‘genetically modified’ would be clearly visible. As for processed food products, the words ‘partially produced with genetic engineering’ or ‘may be partially produced with genetic engineering’ would appear prominently on the front or back of the package.

Referred to the House Committee on Agriculture , testimony is to begin on the topic later this month.

The introduction of the legislation highlights the growing grassroots opposition against Monsanto and GMOs alike. In addition, the legislation would end phony ‘all natural’ product claims when in actuality they contain very unnatural genetically modified organisms. Just recently one consumer took legal action against major snack-maker Frito-Lay, claiming that the labeling of GMO-filled snack products as ‘all natural’ is deceptive and misleading.

VPIRG Consumer Protection Advocate Falko Schilling spoke in support of the act saying “This is a consumer right to know issue, just as we require nutritional labels on food so that shoppers can make informed choices, consumers should have the same access to information about whether their food has been genetically engineered.”

In the event this bill passes, a political awakening could occur across the nation regarding the true labeling of products filled with genetically modified ingredients.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • Pierre Bahl

    Aspartame,BCP(coolant for electric tranformator)roundup,polonium,plutonium for first trying nuclear,GMO,seed roundup ready,everything Monsanto do give cancer.

  • Carole

    Labeling is nice, but don't people realize that these GMO crops infect other crops and you can not stop that! In another 5 years there will be no food that has not be messed with so what good does labeling in the long run do? Everything will carry a GMO label because nothing else will be available! People must get off the fence and get active.. Speak out.
    From a farmer fighting the fight for humanity.

  • Susan Campoccio

    Bravo to Vermont!! I hope this happens in California as signatures are collected to go on November ballot…I trust the Governor in California will support such a measure….

  • Bob

    The VT Right to Know GMO bill makes so much sense! Let the free-market system work and allow consumers to know what's in their food. If they chose to eat Monsato's GMO-laden food, so be it. However, with any understanding at all of the subject, I think consumers will make a healthier choice. The group is keeping people up to date on their Facebook page. "Like" it to find out how Vermont is going to be 1st AGAIN!

  • Dave Mowers

    Polyface Farms…search it, then find a local farm in your area you can support by paying higher prices for real food that is not radioactive, carcinogenic, disease-causing Government Approved-death-by-consumption. Check out Earth shift Products too, they offer real super food. Our government is wholly corrupt and cannot be trusted.

  • aubreyfarmer

    The US is currently undergoing BETA testing for population control. We know what is in the water, fluoride, we know what is in the plastic, Bisphenol A, we know that the corn and soy have glycol phosphate and have been genetically mutated so insects that feed on it will die, we know that feeding this GM corn to beef changes the beef and it becomes a carcinogen, we know that Thymerisol is added to vaccines, we know that GM corn and soy are in many processed foods, but what we don't know is what are we being sprayed with under the guise of climate modification. We are living only because of God's grace. What will happen to the human race when God can no longer find any righteous worth HIS protection? Our future success on this planet is not guaranteed. How we have managed to not destroy ourselves up to this point can only be explained in light of Biblical prophecy. This link is just for those with a thirst for knowledge. Remember it isn't good to kill the messenger.