Although it is now recommended that everyone get the flu shot every 6 months, that is nothing compared to the amount of vaccines infants receive after coming into this world. The United States requires some 26 vaccines to be administered to infants upon birth, while Japan and Sweden issue 12 vaccines to be given to infants. The US experiences over six infant deaths per 100 births every year, while Japan and Sweden report less than three per 100 live births each year. With the US giving the greatest amount of vaccines to infants, something doesn’t seem to be right.

A study published back in May of 2011 in the journal Human and Experimental Toxicology, evaluated the connection between infant mortality rates and vaccinations administered. The study authors looked at the immunization schedules for the US and 33 nations with lower infant mortality rates than the US. Then, the number of vaccinations given to infants aged less than one was determined for each nation. Finally, the nations were grouped into give different vaccine does ranges. The information was then compared and evaluated.

The study found that with more vaccine doses came a higher infant mortality rate. The preservatives and heavy metals are harmful enough to the fully developed person, but the negative effects are exponentially worse when a new-born undeveloped baby must suffer from them. Some researchers note that unvaccinated babies who die of sudden infant death syndrome most often die in the fall or winter, while vaccinated infants die of SIDS at 2 and 4 months. It just so happens that when a baby turns 2 and 4 months old that doses of a vaccine called DPT are given. The toxicity level is just too much.

Become educated if not for yourself, then for your child. The evidence backing vaccine dangers is overwhelming, and it’s all coming to light now. Here are 3 reasons to reconsider flu shots.

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