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The debate has been raging over whether or not vaccinating your children is a health-conscious decision, with both sides seeking answers from medical research. A shocking new ongoing survey may have the answers that consumers are looking for. With over 7600 people participating in the survey so far, the stats are piling up. According to the Healthy Home Economist, unvaccinated children are ranking significantly higher on a number of health factors:

  • Less  than 10 percent of unvaccinated children in the survey have allergies of any kind
  • .2 percent suffer from asthma
  • 1.5 percent have hay fever
  • 2 percent have the autoimmune disorder neurodermatitis
  • ADHD is present in only 1-2 percent of unvaccinated children in the survey
  • Less than .5 percent had ever had middle ear infections; less than 1 percent had sinusitis

And the most groundbreaking result:

  • Only FOUR children out of 7600+ total surveys reported having severe autism – and in all four cases, the mothers tested very high for mercury

Additional Sources:

The Healthy Home Economist

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