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Here is Nutrition’s Surprising Role in Strengthening Mental Health

Clinical psychologist Julie Rucklidge explores how important nutrition is for mental health in an important TedX talk. She says ‘nutrition matters,’ and that poor nutrition is a ‘significant and modifiable risk factor for the development of mental illness.’

Mental illness is on the rise. But why? There has been a four-fold increase in the number of people who are on disability as a direct consequence of being diagnosed with a mental health disorder. With a 20-fold increase in international rates of ADHD, a 30-fold increase in autism, and similar increases in bi-polar and other disorders in children, it seems we must pay attention to nutrition more than ever. But our healthcare system seems to ignore this vital aspect of mental health while continuing to prescribe ever-increasing numbers of pharmaceutical drugs.

Nutrition Nonsense: 10 ‘Health Foods’ that may be Doing more Harm than Good

Psych meds are offered first, then therapy, and maybe a doctor might ask what you are eating.

Why isn’t this working? Rucklidge explains how nutrition has shocking effects on a person’s mental health. Watch the video above.