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How do you define healthy? If you're like most people, you may consider an apple to be a health food, for example. What you may not be aware of, however, is that a number of factors exist that compromise the nutritional integrity of the apple before you even take the first bite.

You need to know that the very definition of healthy has dramatically changed since only decades ago thanks to many dual-edged scientific advancements. Scientists are now altering the very genetic code of the food you eat while careless food companies are loading it up with a massive cocktail of harmful chemicals. Shockingly, researchers have found that these genetically modified and tainted foods are in fact making you fat, sterile, and age faster -- and that's just for starters.

The worst part? Chances are you are unknowingly consuming chemically-loaded genetically modified ingredients in your daily diet - but the dangers stretch much further! Even hardened health mavericks are still falling into the food industry's toxic additive trap. There are so many hazardous ingredients hidden in everyday food that it takes an enormous degree of extensive research to help you identify and avoid them all. Thankfully, I've taken my years of writing, and the thousands of articles I've written, and extracted the absolute essentials into this book. I want you to examine these symptoms of an unhealthy, toxic lifestyle:

If this sounds like you or someone you care about, then chances are that many toxic ingredients are wreaking havoc on your health that you may be completely unaware of. Furthermore, you are correct in assuming that these problems will only get worse and may ultimately result in the onset of disease unless something is done. You could continue with this lifestyle, and continue to suffer from what conventional food has to offer. Or you could make the decision to embark on your natural health transformation right now!

Your Complete Natural Health Transformation Made Easy

My new book, The New Health Paradigm, is written with you in mind, a health-conscious reader who wants to transform their health naturally but has a hard time sorting through the colossal amount of information out there on how to do so. I cut through the fluff, and deliver the most relevant and useful truth that will help you bring your health to the next level -- 100% naturally. When researching online, it's nearly impossible to get to the real truth!

"How do I avoid GMOs? What are the best supplements for my health? What are natural alternatives to prescription drugs for my conditions? Is fat bad, or are carbs the root cause of obesity? Why are none of the diets I try working, is it just my body?"

You probably have many similar questions, and it's time that they are answered in a very clear and concise manner.

I've done the research, compiled the peer-reviewed evidence, and extracted the core pieces from my thousands of articles on natural healing. These health-enhancing methods, backed by both science and experience, are now at your fingertips.

You Now Have the Means to Rejuvenate Your Health and Body

How much would it empower you to have complete control of your health (think health freedom), while no longer being dependent on risky medical intervention?

If you've been told the lie that the only answer to your health problem is expensive pharmaceuticals and mainstream 'treatment', then it's time to get excited about your natural health transformation! You are about to learn all of the food industry's dirty secrets and how to avoid them.

Industry Food Secrets Exposed -- Gamma Radiation, Mercury in 'Health' Food

In addition to being doused in pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides, a large amount of produce is subject to pre-sale irradiation (including ionizing gamma radiation, the kind used in nuclear material and and X-rays) that could be fueling your health conditions. That 'healthy' apple is starting to look a whole lot less appealing.

And it's not just apples. Industry food secrets like this exist in virtually all types of food products -- even organic! As a result, you could be biting into a lifetime of disease. Among these toxic ingredients is perhaps one of the most toxic substances on planet earth -- mercury.

Are you actually eating mercury on a daily basis?

"I thought I knew what I was eating, but I had no clue."

I consider myself to be very knowledgeable about what I eat. I read the product labels very carefully and do my own research... but I still had no idea what I was putting into my mouth. Now I consult Anthony's shopping guide before I even think about buying something.

Richard C.
Clearwater, Florida
It may astound you, but research has found that many popular brand name food products contain mercury -- an element that is toxic in all forms. Mercury was found in nearly a third of 55 popular brand-name food and beverage products within the ingredient high-fructose corn syrup. The result? Autoimmune disease, compromised kidney function, neurotoxicity, and much more. Disturbingly, however, the food you eat is not the only source of mercury exposure.

Believe it or not, you could be inhaling toxic mercury vapors each time you take a bite of food! Used since the American Civil War, dental amalgam fillings for cavaties contain an estimated 50% mercury, and about 50% of dentists still use them. It's time you learn how to effectively avoid this issue, but do not fear if you already have mercury fillings -- there are natural solutions! You'll learn to identify and avoid ingredients such as:

You'll also be informed as to the latest natural solutions known to reverse and prevent the damage exhibited by these toxic ingredients. I outline a number of simple and easy to accumulate ingredients can be taken to combat the negative effects of harmful chemicals like BPA -- without negative side effects presented by pharmaceutical medications.

I've even included a comprehensive GMO-free shopping guide in addition to a toxic additives list with your e-book, so that you have all of the tools necessary to quickly reference these guides when choosing the best high quality foods for you and your family.

Additionally and at no extra charge, a highly important 'supplement guide' which contains all of the natural verses synthetic ingredients will be included as well. As you may know, many supplements are stealthily loaded with these synthetic ingredients. Some can even contain far worse ingredients.

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Are Your Supplements Killing You?

Chances are that you have taken at least one 'health' supplement in your life. Whether it be a multivitamin you picked up from a local grocery store or a high priced herbal blend imported from a foreign nation, the majority of even the slightest health conscious consumers have tested the potential powers of supplementation.

But could that supplement actually be harming your health instead of helping it?

When analyzing the ingredients within many top selling vitamin brands, it is easy to see how studies can so easily tout the dangers of 'vitamins' when in reality they are actually exposing the dangers of synthetic ingredients and fillers that are to damage your body. Here are some of the ingredients contained in one top selling multivitamin, along with their adverse effects:

These are but a few of the damaging ingredients lurking in many supplements, many of which are entirely deceiving. For example, you may think that the vitamin E you are swallowing each day is improving your health each day when it may actually be disrupting your entire immune system. The synthetic version of vitamin E is a petrochemically derived analogue of natural vitamin E that is capable of disrupting the endocrine system, whereas the natural form of vitamin E is effective against aging, oxidative stress, and hundreds of other conditions.

I've included an extensive list of natural verses synthetic nutrients so that you can be absolutely sure the supplement you are purchasing does not contain these ingredients. Furthermore, the guide comes with several simple tricks that can be utilized to identify whether or not a supplement poses a threat to your health within seconds of viewing the product label.

It's Time to Naturally Transform Your Health and Change Your Life

"Lost 40 pounds, maximized her energy!"

I can't thank Anthony enough for this program. I lost 40 pounds I had been carrying for 13 years when nothing worked, and now I love waking up in the morning with more energy than I had even in my twenties. I didn't think it was possible... now I'm recommending the program to everyone I know.

Jessica R.
San Diego, California
You have the power to reach optimum health, and it's time to begin your ultimate health transformation. You can begin your journey and change your life for less than the price of a single takeout meal -- in fact it's even cheaper than a many health-crushing fast food dinners! While most mainstream health books charge a premium price for information that is completely ineffective, I am offering The New Health Paradigm to you at a deeply discounted price so that you may get started today on your health transformation.

I've even added a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. That way there is zero risk -- if you don't find the information contained in this book extremely helpful, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

What's more is that The New Health Paradigm can actually save you a substantial amount of cash. Though you simply cannot put a price on optimum health, the information in this book can help you drastically slash costs by:

This book is now 100% free to help get this information out to you and your family. It's time to transform your health and your life. Don't put this aside, it's time for you and your loved ones to experience the benefits right now!

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