Flint, Michigan Residents File Federal Lawsuit for Lead Contamination of Water

Citizens of Flint, Michigan have filed a federal class action lawsuit accusing the city government of exposing them to water with high levels of lead.

Could This New Method of Water Retention Save California from the Drought?

Researchers are testing a new method for capturing excess water flows during California’s rainy season by diverting it from rivers into a network of canals.

Sacramento Water Utility Hid Carcinogens in Drinking Water

Sacramento water utility officials exposed residents to dangerously high levels of carcinogenic disinfection byproducts for a year without their knowledge.

$1 Billion ‘Toilet to Tap’ Wastewater Recycling Plants Proposed in Southern CA

Southern California’s largest water importer is working towards a $1 billion plan to purify wastewater into potable drinking water.

Someone Sued DuPont for Poisoning the Drinking Water and Won

DuPont has been dumping the chemical, Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), into the water supply for decades, igniting many lawsuits. Now, someone won.

Town in India Invaded by Toxic Waste Clouds

Fluffy white clouds of toxic waste have invaded the streets of Bangalore, snowy froth that is the result of a toxic stew of chemicals in the lakes.

After a Year of Lies, Michigan Governor Admits High Lead Levels in Tap Water

A public health emergency was recently declared in Flint, Michigan due to concerning amounts of lead in the tap water.

Public Drinking Fountains Sometimes Harbor Legionella and Other Dangerous Pathogens

It seems that public drinking fountains sometimes harbor unwanted germs and pathogens that could cause you to get sick, or worse.

Health Officials in Cincinnati and Kentucky Extend Toxic Algae Bloom Advisory

Health officials in Cincinnati and Kentucky are telling people to continue staying out of the water due to a toxic algae bloom as conditions persist.

How Our Facewash and Soap are Polluting the Waterways

You know those microbeads that are found in toothpaste, facewash, and hand soap? They are terrible for the environment, and you should stop using them.

New Findings: Over 4000 ‘Gene Probes’ Altered with Low-Dose Roundup Exposure

A new study shows that even low-dose glyphosate can alter over 4000 genes and their proper functioning within the livers and kidneys of rats.

Young Boy Suffers Brain Damage Caused by Sulfuryl Fluoride Exposure

A 10-year-old boy suffered brain damaged and his family fell ill after their family home was fumigated with a pesticide known as sulfuryl fluoride.

Lawsuit Filed by Texas Family Injured in Fracking-Related Explosion Last Summer

A lawsuit alleges that a well which exploded in 2014, causing injuries, was due to contamination from a nearby fracking operation.

Humanity’s Big Fight: The Corporate Ownership of Food and Water

Privatization and corporate ownership of our food and water is approaching. Here are ways 2 of our most basic needs – food and water – are being controlled.

Just How Many Garbage Patches are There in Our Oceans? See for Yourself

In a visual representation experiment of the garbage patches around the world’s oceans, we can see just how seriously we’ve affected our waters with trash.

Research: Massive Amount of Water Contaminated with Uranium Far Beyond EPA’s ‘Safe’ Levels

Researchers tested 275,000 water samples from 62,000 locations in the US, finding that samples were saturated with uranium exceeding the EPA’s safe limit.

Study: People Living Near Fracking Sites Suffer Severe Health Problems

Research shows that people who live near hydraulic fracturing (fracking) sites have more severe health problems than those who do not.