7 Home Remedies for Cellulite Reduction – Natural Solutions

Cellulite reduction is not always easy to achieve, especially in our society today, but it is possible. Here are 7 home remedies for cellulite.

Home Remedies for Gout – 12 Natural Solutions

Gout is a painful type of arthritis caused by an excess of uric acid in the body. Uric acid in the bloodstream causes crystals to develop on the cartilage of tendons, joints, and other tissue. These tissues then get inflamed and often cause serious, sudden pain. But what are the triggers of this health issue, and how can it be prevented? Are there home remedies for gout or do you need doctor-prescribed medication? Let’s take a closer look.

4 Tips for Minimizing Detox Side Effects and a Healing Crisis

While it’s true that a detox is designed to rid your body of harmful toxins and “bad stuff”, it isn’t always fun for everyone – at least during the detox process. Although the end result can feel amazing, the process of detoxing can come with some rough side effects due to the exiting of toxic waste. We call this a “healing crisis.” But there are measures to take to reduce detox side effects and lessen the healing crisis.

Benefits of Steam Rooms: Skin Rejuvenation, Boosting Circulation

It’s that time of year when everything dries up. From your lips, to your skin and your nose, the drier air effects your body’s natural hydration and can leave you feeling uncomfortable. Fortunately, there is a simple solution that can help ease the dry conditions of winter, and it’s something that’s been used for centuries. It’s time to experience the health benefits of steam rooms.

4 Simple Steps to Detoxifying Your Gut After the Holidays

Many people use the holiday season to indulge in foods they wouldn’t normally eat. Even those who ascribe to a natural diet may find themselves crossing lines they wouldn’t typically cross when encountered with foods from their childhood or old favorites while among family and friends. Indulging during the holidays is OK! Don’t feel bad! But remember to get back on track. Here are 4 solutions that might help.

5 Ways to Avoid Carcinogenic Agents

The National Cancer Institute estimates that more than 1.6 million new cases of cancer have been diagnosed in 2012 (pdf). It’s estimated the growing disease will kill about 1,500 each day this year. Sadly, many if not all, of these deaths are preventable. Here are 5 ways to avoid carcinogenic agents.

7 Methods for Detoxing and Cleansing Your Body of Toxins

Our current unhealthy living conditions call for a few radical corrective measures, if our goal is to maintain any level of healthy lifestyle. One of those corrective measures it to detox. The following is a list of various recommendations to effectively lessen your internal toxin levels, which can be done in any combination for increased effectiveness. For optimum results, these should be applied on a regular or seasonal basis, and at minimum once a year.

Germaphobes Beware: 3 Reasons to Welcome Germs and Nix Antibacterial Agents

Are you the type to carry antibacterial hand wash in your car, purse, or pocket? Do you wipe down the cart at your grocery store with those complimentary wipes? While you might believe you are practicing safety and avoiding germs, you could be doing more harm than good.

5 Natural Dietary Remedies for Dry Skin

It’s winter, and things are dry – at least in some parts of America and the world. The air is dry and likely so is your skin. But slathering lotion on at every turn might not be the most effective solutions. Like other skin conditions including eczema and wrinkles, dry skin is often best treated from the inside out. That is to say, you can find numerous remedies for dry skin right in your kitchen.

Fix Your Digestion Problems: 5 Best and Worst Foods for Digestion

So much depends upon the human gut. It is after all the organ that determines if—and how—what we eat fuels the other organs. That’s why we need it to be in optimal health and fix any digestion problems now rather than later.

Massive Louisiana ‘Sinkhole’ Leaking Radiation, Catastrophe Concerns

With the effects of the 2010 BP oil spill still haunting Louisiana shores, the southern part of the state is gearing up for another man-made disaster: a flammable, radioactive sinkhole. Meanwhile, local residents are scrambling to relocate from the ravenous anomaly capable of swallowing trees 100 feet tall, while others are filing lawsuits against Texas Brine, the salt mining company that triggered the collapse.

4 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Whether you’re flying out of state for the holidays or making a long drive the last business conference of the year, you’re likely dreading the possibility of putting on pounds or developing the sniffles in your travels. There are plenty of precautions to take while on the move to ensure you maintain the kind of health you work so hard for in your usual element. Here are the basics.

MRSA Found in Water Treatment Plant, Posing Threat to those Exposed

University of Maryland researchers found antibiotic-resistant methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) at two water treatment plants in the Midwest and two more in the mid-Atlantic area. This brings into question the health and safety of the facilities’ workers as well as individuals exposed to wastewater.

Sewage, Bacteria, and Unknown Contaminants from Sandy May Soon Pollute Water

Threats continue to plague the victims of Superstorm Sandy, this time from the floodwater, air, and the very food in their refrigerators. Floodwaters can be a noxious brew. “[They] potentially could contain mixtures of a variety of chemicals such as pesticides, paint, gasoline…other things for example that you might store in your garage or basement that might actually get all flooded out.”

Brain Foods: 5 Natural Cognition and Brain Boosters

There is definitely a link between food choices and brain function. The better you eat, the sharper your focus. The more sugars and processed foods you consume, the cloudier your concentration becomes. So, here are some brain foods to help you get your thinking on track and boost cognitive performance.

Fluoride Plant Workers Assault, Kidnap Crew Filming Factory

A German television crew was attacked and detained by Chinese workers at the Do-Fluoride factory near Jiaozuo, Henan province. Nine hours later, armed Chinese police arrived to escort them to safety. The crew was filming a story on the factory’s pollution. Their camera—but not the tape—was returned.

The Great Diet for Healthy Hair – Top 7 Foods, Vitamins, and Nutrients

Something about a healthy, thick head of hair signals a healthy person. The health of your hair is often related to the health of your body. Like your skin, your hair can indicate deficiencies and disease. While shampoos and conditioning treatments may improve the appearance of your hair, treating it from the inside will provide lasting results. This is why you must know the diet for healthy hair, and what food and nutrients to consume to make your hair healthy.