96% of Deceased NFL Players Showed Signs of Brain Disease in New Study

Researchers have discovered that of 91 deceased professional football players, most of them showed evidence of a degenerative brain disease.

Studies Suggest Marijuana Availability Decreases Violent Crime and Alcohol-Related Accidents

Also evidenced in Colorado, two recent studies suggest that access to marijuana actually leads to decreased rates of some of the most serious crime.

4 Hidden Costs of the Drug War: How the War on Drugs Hurts Us All

In addition to the obvious effects of the War on Drugs like increased prison populations, here are 4 hidden drug war effects we don’t normally hear about.

Top 10 Legal Drugs Linked to Violence

Many of the drugs handed out to troubled individuals have troubled histories in Food and Drug Administration testing themselves, and come with a list of side effects including hostility, aggression, confusional states, and impulse-control disorders. This list of drugs shows which are most linked to violent behavior.