Fast Resting Heartbeat Could Predict Early Death

Research suggests that a rapid resting heart rate could be an indicator of early death, even in people without the usual risk factors for heart disease.

American Prescription Drug use more than Doubles

Prescription drug use among American adults has more than doubled, especially medications to treat diabetes, heart disease and other obesity-related drugs.

100 Samples of Coffee Found to Contain Carcinogenic Mycotoxins

That morning cup of coffee gives you pep, but a new study found that it might also be giving you mycotoxins, toxic metabolites produced by fungi.

Obese Kids’ Health Improves After Just 9 Days Without Added Sugar

Reducing the amount of sugar that children consume for as little as 9 days is all it takes for youngsters’ health to start improving, a new study says.

World’s Biggest GMO & Pesticide Safety Study Ever to Be Conducted: $25 Million

A $25 million study on GMOs and pesticide safety is slated to occur November 11. The study will investigate the health effects of GM crops.

100 People Give Bodies Totally to Science in Unprecedented 25-Year Study

In an unprecedented study, 100 lives will be monitored 24/7 for the next 25 years, tracking diet, exercise, disease, organ health, and especially DNA.

Study: Top Insecticide Is Devastating Aquatic Insects, Threatening Environmental Stability

Just days after the EU announced a ban on the insecticide linked to bee deaths, a new study finds that the insecticide is killing off aquatic life.

Over 315 of 450 Tested Plastic Containers Leach Hormone-Like Compounds

Some research found that most plastics, even those that are BPA-free, still leach hormone-mimicking chemicals when exposed to normal conditions. While the research took place a couple years ago, it reminds us to think twice when using and purchasing plastics.

Antibiotics, Gut Health Can Affect Behavior, Lead to Depression

Gut health, which includes the balance of bacteria within your gut, may play an integral role in your behavior and even your risk of depression or anxiety.

Green Tea and Tai Chi Reduce Inflammation, Enhance Bone Health

Some recent research suggests that the benefits of green tea can be augmented when the tea is paired with another Eastern practice—tai chi.

Research Links Depression to Increased Stroke Risk

Depressed women may have a higher risk of stroke, according to new research published online Aug. 11 in the journal Stroke. “We know that stroke can increase risk of depression, but depression itself may increase risk of future stroke,” said study author An Pan, a research scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston.

Cranberries Effective Against Urinary Tract Infections

The ability of cranberry proanthocyanidins (PACs) is dependent on the dose, with higher doses significantly more effective at maintaining urinary health, says a new study. The study supports levels outlined by a French health claim, issued in 2004, for the North American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) with at least 36 milligrams of proanthocyanidins (PAC) to “help reduce the adhesion of certain E. coli bacteria to the urinary tract walls”, and subsequently fight urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Too Much or too Little Sleep may Accelerate Cognitive Aging

Too much or too little sleep in mid life appears to have a negative impact on cognitive function later in life according to a study conducted by the University College London Medical School Department of Epidemiology and Public Health. The findings in this particular study indicate that men and women who started sleeping more or less than 6 to 8 hours each night experienced a drop in cognitive ability that was equivalent to four to seven years of aging.

Deadly Pesticides Linked to Increased Prostate Cancer Risk

USC researchers have begun examining the link between pesticide exposure and the development of prostate cancer, with scientists documenting an increased prevalence of prostate cancer among older men exposed to certain pesticides. While this news is alarming on its own, it is only one of the many dangers associated with pesticide exposure.

GMO Tumor Study Author Blasts Agencies for 90 Day GMO ‘Safety’ Study

GMO study author Gilles-Eric Seralini is calling out government agencies for passing off trials 90 days or less for ‘proof’ of GMO safety. Seralini is the author of the study linking GMOs to tumors and organ damage.

Russia Bans Use and Import of Monsanto’s GMO Corn Following Study

Following the groundbreaking French study that graphically linked the lifetime consumption of Monsanto’s GMO corn in rats to massive tumors and direct organ failure, Russia’s premiere consumers rights organization has suspended both the importation and use of Monsanto’s GMO corn within the nation’s borders.

GMO Study: Rats Fed Lifetime of GM Develop Mass Tumors, Die Early

A new GMO study may very well change the way that the world looks at GMOs once and for all. Complete with shocking and very disturbing photos of rats with tumors larger than a golf ball in size, a new French GMO study has concluded that rats fed a lifelong diet consisting of Roundup-containing genetically modified corn suffered serious consequences.