Don’t Forget About the 2017 Dirty Dozen List: Most Pesticide-Tainted Produce

The Environmental Working Group has released its annual report on the types of produce contaminated with the most pesticides and pesticide residues.

Bagged Salad: Convenient, but a Promoter of Salmonella

Researchers say that packaged salads should be refrigerated and used on the day they are purchased to avoid the spread of Salmonella.

Here is Walmart’s Plan to Reduce Food Waste – Using Ugly Fruit

Walmart will start selling imperfect apples under the brand name “It’s Perfect” in several hundred stores to reduce food waste.

IKEA Brings Hydroponic Gardening to Your Kitchen

IKEA, well-known for do-it-yourself furniture kits, has now forayed into do-it-yourself hydroponic gardening kits for indoor use.

EWG Releases 2016 “Dirty Dozen” List of Pesticide-Laden Produce

The Environmental Working Group just published the 2016 “Dirty Dozen” list of fruits and veggies with the highest levels of pesticide residues.

This Nationwide Fix Could Save 200,000 Lives Over 15 Years

A new study shows that if the government made fruits and veggies more affordable, it would drastically cut heart-related deaths in the U.S.

Instead of Drugs or Surgery, This Holistic Doc Prescribes Healthy Food

Instead of relying on mainstream medical drugs, doctors like Dr. Garth Davis are prescribing fresh produce and teaching patients about diet and lifestyle.

Students Learn Organic Farming, Sell Thousands of Pounds of Produce After Internship

Students are finally starting to learn how to grow organic vegetables like people did years ago through farming programs, like one from Dr. Steve McLaskey.

Detroit’s Urban Blight Transforming into Food-Producing Landscape

A new $15 million project is turning useless land in Detroit into a thriving agricultural landscape, producing both food and jobs.

$10 Vouchers Are Giving Low-Income Families Access to Fresh Produce

A Washington, D.C. program is helping poorer families by offering $10 vouchers to use at their local farmers’ market to buy fruit and vegetables.

Grocery Stores Throw out 26% of Produce Due to ‘Ugliness’

Grocery stores throw away 26 percent of perfectly good produce every year – all because they are not pretty and often deformed. We need to save the uglies!

21 Awesome Foods You Can Easily Re-Grow at Home

Want to make the most out of your organic produce and be one with nature? Here are 21 foods to grow at home to save money and enjoy better health.

Video: Inmates at Correctional Facility Grow 5 Tons of Food for Less Fortunate

Inmates at Maryland’s Eastern Correctional Institution have grown 5 tons of fresh produce for the less fortunate on a small garden plot.

10 Ways to Stop the Food Waste

The world wastes billions of pounds of food every year while countless people go hungry. Here are 10 tips for stopping food waste and conserving the planet.

How to Grow Your Own Organic Food with ‘Additive Intercropping’

Attention gardeners: did you know that you can protect your food crops by reducing chemical use and controlling bugs by simply planting certain flowers?

5 Expert Tips for Starting Your Own Organic Seedlings

Starting your own organic gardening is super easy ! Here are 5 gardening tips to start and grow your own organic seedlings right from their first stages.

Vegetarian Protein: 55+ Awesome Protein Sources for Vegetarian

For vegans and vegetarians, some health risks get overlooked – such as protein deficiency signs. Here are 55+ protein sources for vegetarians.