Eating Black Raspberries Helps to Prevent Colon Cancer

If you are searching for a food for a healthy colon, search no further than black raspberries. With colon cancer being the second leading cancer killer in the United States, it is imperative to keep the colon as healthy as possible.

Antidepressants Make You More Depressed and Trigger Suicidal Thoughts

Antidepressants have been shown to amplify depression and cause suicidal thoughts. An increased suicide risk is just one of many antidepressants side-effects. Why chance the antidepressants side-effects when there are safer, natural solutions?

Weight Loss Improves Memory and Overall Brain Health

Scientists know that overweight and obese people are at a greater risk for memory problems and other cognitive disabilities, but the latest study is one of the first to indicate that substantial weight loss improves memory and overall brain health.

Smoking Tied to Throat and Stomach Cancer

Smokers face an increased risk of certain types of throat and stomach cancers, even years after they quit, a new study finds. Combining the results of 33 past studies, Italian researchers found that current smokers were more than twice as likely as nonsmokers to develop cancer, either in their

Tea Could Help with Weight Loss

With obesity being rampant in America, one might suspect that Americans consume an inferior diet compared to the rest of the world. It’s true, Americans indulge in the worst of foods and seldom consume what is necessary for not only a long-lasting, feel-good life, but also for a healthy, maintained weight. One thing that people could start consuming to burn fat is tea.

Second-hand Smoke Could Actually Cause Birth Defects

Fathers-to-be should stop smoking to protect their unborn child from the risk of stillbirth or birth defects, scientists say. University of Nottingham researchers found that pregnant women exposed to smoke at work or home increased their risk of stillbirth by 23% and of having a baby with defects by 13%.

Write for Natural Society | Be Instrumental in the Health Revolution

Natural Society has grown as a source of natural health news and information, but our overriding goal remains the same: to inform as many readers as we possibly can about how they can transform the health of themselves and their families through natural yet effective means. We want you to become a part of the health revolution.

Flu Shot Throws Children into Convulsions Leading to its Ban in Australia

Last year Australia noticed a lot of children being hospitalized after having convulsions triggered by the flu shot. Australian health authorities knew of these cases but continued to push the flu shot on every child.

What to do Before and After Receiving a Vaccine | Helping to Block the Immune Response

There are ways to protect yourself after receiving a vaccination. These methods of protection or reversing the damage work for both serious dangers and immune reactions. Whether you’re experiencing soreness, nausea, vomiting, or dizziness, by taking protective measures you can absolutely dampen if not get rid of the negative vaccine side-effects.

Toxic Vaccines Supported by Organization Pushing for Stricter Chemical Laws

During April earlier this year there was a policy paper condemning the Toxic Substances Control Act issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The paper expressed the AAP’s concern that the TSC Act was not properly regulating the massive amount of toxic chemicals that are currently used in consumer products.

Vaccines in Higher Doses Means More Infant Deaths

Although it is now recommended that everyone get the flu shot every 6 months, that is nothing compared to the amount of vaccines infants receive after coming into this world. Vaccines given to children may be directly tied with sudden infant death syndrome. The United States requires 26 vaccines to be given to infants upon birth.

Troubling Emails Reveal Federal Scientists Fear FDA Approval of Genetically Modified Salmon

Internal emails shows that federal scientists are afraid of the approval of genetically modified salmon. Back in November of 2010, there was much fear over the possibility that genetically modified salmon would be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Human Exposure to BPA Grossly Underestimated

Bisphenol A exposure levels have been extremely underestimated. A report in December of 2010 showed that people are exposed to eight times the “safe” level of bisphenol A (BPA), with the “safe” level being 50 micrograms per kilogram of body weight each day.

Health Benefits of Chocolate – 10+ Healthful Reasons to Consume Chocolate

Chocolate has taken a lot of heat for being an unhealthy snack, but is it really that bad for you? If we are talking about very popular candy bars like Reese’s or Kit Kats, then yes, chocolate is not healthy. But chocolate closer to its natural form, without the added harmful ingredients, actually is pact full of health benefits. What really separates a diabetes-inducing chocolate snack from a healthful handful of chocolatey goodness is the cocoa content.

FDA Cracks Down on Over 500 Cold and Allergy Drugs

The food and drug administration (FDA) announced on March 2, 2010 that they would be pulling over 500 prescription cold and cough medications from the market. These drugs have not been evaluated by the FDA and therefore are not deemed “safe” for consumption.

Acid Reflux Caused by too Little Acid

Pharmaceutical drugs prescribed to reduce the amount of stomach acid have been found to cause a heavy decrease in magnesium levels. But are they really helping or just causing other serious complications?

Radiation in Rice Found in Japan

After Japan tested samples of rice, researches found high levels of radiation. Nations are still wary of importing food from Japan due to radiation levels. The researchers took a sample of unharvested rice and found that it contained 500 becquerels of cesium per kilogram.