Demand for Organics Shows *No Sign of Slowing* After Double Digit Growth

Monsanto isn’t cheering the news that U.S. organic food sales have approached $37 billion annually. The trend shows no sign of slowing.

Vending Machine Offers Only Fresh, Organic Salads Instead of Candy Bars

Twenty-seven-year-old Luke Saunders set out to create a vending machine offering organic, restaurant-quality salads and snacks. It’s called Farmer’s Fridge.

California School District is 1st in the U.S. to Serve Organic, GMO-Free Meals

The Sausalito Marin City School District in California is the first school district in the nation to serve its students completely organic meals.

Growing Your Own Food Part of Our Future, Expert Says

As individuals and communities learn and empower themselves through decentralized, free food gardens, it is certaint that we will reclaim food sovereignty.

Thinking Outside the Trash Can: Austin Business Diverts Food Scraps to Organic Gardens by Bicycle

One Austin company is thinking outside the trash can, diverting more than 100 tons of food scraps to community gardens – by bicycle.

5 Simple Rules to Eating the Cleanest Foods

Eating ‘clean,’ natural foods can boost your health significantly. But what does ‘clean eating’ mean? Here are 5 simple rules to eating the cleanest foods.

3 Reasons to Go on a Plant-Based Diet

Want to save money, help the planet, and boost your overall health? Here are some compelling reasons to go on a plant-based diet.

How Far Does Your Food Travel? 4 Reasons to Choose Local

How far does food travel before you eat it? The average plate full of food on an American table has traveled 1500 miles before arriving on the table.

Join the Slow Food Movement – Stepping Toward Food Sovereignty

It’s time to join the slow food movement and work toward sustainable farming practices that promote organic, non-GMO food that actually promotes health.

3 Ways You Can Help Change the Food System for the Better

Changing the food system starts by changing your own food production, purchasing, and preparation. Here are 3 ways to change the food system.

Nutritional Value of Food at Risk: Fruits and Vegetables Now Less Nutritious

The amount of nutrients found in fruits and vegetables has diminished greatly over the years.One apple today may carry half the amount of nutrients as an apple produced 50 years ago. Although it is still very true that everybody should be consuming many fruits and vegetables on a daily basis (preferably organic), the sad truth is that we would need to consume many times more of them in order to get the nutrients we need.