Video: Seeds Community Café Reduces Food Waste, Feeds Hungry (Even if They Can’t Pay)

Seeds Community Café has a pay-as-you-can, pay-it-forward model that helps the financially insecure eat healthful food.

This Grocery Store is Replacing Candy in its Checkout Aisles with Healthy Alternatives

Grocery chain Aldi announced earlier this year that it will be replacing the candy in checkout aisles with more healthful alternatives by the end of 2016.

Key Report Outlines 27 Solutions to Reduce Food Waste and Save $100 Billion

A recently-released comprehensive report outlines 27 solutions for cutting food waste significantly, saving the country $100 billion.

Major Supermarket to Eradicate Food Waste by 2017, Give Unsold Food to Charity

To help eradicate food waste, Tesco will work with 5,000 different charities in the UK in order to give all unsold food to those who need it most.

How to Avoid Deceptive ‘Organic’ Food Labels

Are you being fooled by deceptive organic food labeling marketing techniques when it comes to the products you buy at the grocery store?

Is Whole Foods Really Overcharging Customers as Claimed?

Whole Foods is in a world of hurt after it was revealed that the company was overcharging customers for some of its pre-weighed packages.

Costco Decides to Sell Controversial GM Salmon

As major supermarkets refuse GM salmon, mega-store Costco plans on selling the genetically modified fish to its customers while attempting to dress itself as a big organic seller.

Study Reveals How Much Processed Food We Really Buy

A report reveals that a whopping 60 percent of the food we purchase comes in the form of processed junk, but does that number reflect buying habits today?

Nation’s Second Largest Retailer to Double Organics Immediately

Seeing that organic food sales are exploding, one of the largest retailers in the US is doubling down their investment in organic and sustainable products.

Whole Foods Issues Statement on GMO-Transparency Progress

Whole foods vowed that all of their products would carry GMO labels by 2018. Now, Whole Foods has issued an update indicating that change is coming.

How Far Does Your Food Travel? 4 Reasons to Choose Local

How far does food travel before you eat it? The average plate full of food on an American table has traveled 1500 miles before arriving on the table.

5 Tips on How to Avoid GMO Foods in the Grocery Store

GMO foods are hazardous and everywhere. So how can you find out if food contains GMOs? Here are 5 tips on how to avoid GMO foods in the grocery store.

Girl Scout Starts Petition for GMO-Free Girl Scout Cookies

Alicia Serratos from Orange County, California, has started a petition to stop girl scout cookies from containing GMO ingredients.

9 Supermarket Secrets: What Your Grocer Won’t Tell You

At this point, you are likely a label reader, you check produce stickers to see how far your vegetables have traveled, and you are on the lookout for food items you know, or at least suspect, may have genetically-modified ingredients. But, are you aware of all the many supermarket secrets that could be working against your physical and financial health – aside from you feeling things like nasty effects of pesticides smothered on your produce?